Cali, Colombia Trip Report - August 2012 Aug 08, 2012

In August, our team of nineteen people (from USA, Canada and Germany) spent an incredible eight days of ministering in Cali, Colombia.

Here's what one of the team members said, "Gary, I would like to personally thank you and Andy for the most wonderful experience of my life. I have spoken with several of the team members and we all totally agree that this trip was a mission trip to remember. I can now understand more fully about partnering with the Holy Spirit to see incredible moves of God. I can hardly wait until the next trip. These are the kinds of trips that I will be looking to go on from now until Jesus comes back for us, Amen."

Here are the amazing statistics:
267 Salvations
1540 Healings
104 Blind or vision impaired healed
53 Deaf or hearing impaired healed
64 Lame or difficulty walking
44 Tumors, lumps or cysts disappeared
173 Inner healings and/or deliverance
13 Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The "104 blind or vision impaired" set a new record!! Yeah God!!

On the very first Sunday morning, people were being healed without anyone praying for them or laying hands on them. One lady was blind in her right eye for several years and was healed. Another lady damaged her arms in an accident a couple of years ago and had lost all feeling in both arms. As the power of God came upon her, both the feeling and mobility was restored.

In another meeting; a 17 year old girl born deaf, and a 22 year old girl went deaf when she contracted a disease at 8 months old, both gave their lives to Jesus. A few minutes later, as some of the team prayed for them, they received partial healing. They came back to the next meeting and both were totally healed. I wish you could have seen the look on their faces the first time they heard a cell phone. The mother of one of the girls kept signing to them after their healing. They quickly and strongly said for her to stop signing! They wanted to hear the sounds and learn to talk! It was an unforgettable evening!

An 80-year-old lady was celebrating her birthday at the hotel. She wore hearing aids in both ears. That is, until the team prayed for her. You guessed it! She didn't need her hearing aids anymore. She then asked for prayer for her knees, and God healed them! The team then prayed for most of the guests at the party, who were healed of various conditions and received the Lord. Well, they told their friends what had happed at the hotel and brought them back for prayer. We had to get a meeting room just to pray for all that came. The hallway outside of the room was lined up with those waiting for prayer. Many were saved and healed! A mini-revival broke out at the hotel!

One side note, most of the hotel staff received prayer for healing and salvation!

One of the team members prayed for a girl with very crooked teeth. Before his eyes, the teeth straightened out!!

In one of the meetings Gary spoke on the Glory of God. At the start of the ministry time he instructed the team to form a "Glory Tunnel" and lay hands on everyone as they went through. A high percent came out the other end healed! The first lady to go through had difficulty walking even though she was using a crutch. She testified that she came out totally healed. She demonstrated by walking around the church holding the crutch high above her head.

We also ministered at a school/orphanage, a daycare center, a prison, a public school, and one outdoor meeting. In addition, Gary was the guest on a one-hour radio program.

Here is a sampling of some of the healings reported by the team members:

Throat, sinus, migraines, unforgiveness, arthritis, knees, short legs, backs, elbows, hands, tumors, eyes, ears, inner healings, abdomen, female conditions, paralysis, nose, chest, self hatred, hernia, pains, night terrors, allergies, witchcraft, self esteem, eczema, nightmares, curses, broken bones, metal disappeared, flat feet, diabetes, deliverance, thyroid, stomach, ankle, shoulders, cancer, colon, depression, spirit of infirmity, stroke, fibromyalgia, asthma, crooked teeth, wrists, fingers, arms, swollen joints, heart conditions, high blood pressure, etc, etc!

Why don't you join us on a future trip and see firsthand the miracles, signs, wonders, healings, and salvations? You will never be the same!


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