Bauru Brazil Trip Report - June 2011 Jun 07, 2011

Mission trips are always a thrilling adventure. We go with heightened expectations of what God will do and how He will use us in bringing healing, deliverance and salvation. This trip was no exception!

In June 2011 our team of 19 people went to Bauru, Brazil. This was Gary Oates Ministries second trip there in 2 years.

Morning meetings were focused on pastors and leaders who wanted to be better equipped to minister to their churches, but also desirous of personal growth. Gary taught on different aspects of becoming naturally supernatural and then gave them opportunity in each session to practice what they just learned. Many had amazing experiences and encounters with the Lord. On the last morning, the team prayed for impartation for all of the senior pastors and their spouses. They in turn prayed for impartation for everyone else...passing on what they just received.

The team divided up several times in the evenings and ministered in 13 different churches throughout the city during our weeklong visit. In every case, lives were radically transformed as the power and presence of God was released.

Miracles abounded as we saw the following healings:

Blind or vision impaired 28
Deaf or hearing-impaired 20
Lame or difficulty walking 28
Tumors, cysts, lumps disappear 12
Note: These were total healings. There were many more who received partial healing in these categories, but are not included in these numbers.

On Sunday morning, Gary taught on the power of the testimony. As we tell others what God has done for us, it releases a prophetic anointing to see God do it again for someone else. He didn't just talk about it, but demonstrated it by having the team tell about a specific healing they had seen during the week. As each team member shared, we asked anyone who had the same or similar condition to stand. We prayed a quick prayer and then had them check to see if they had been healed. In every case, one or more people were healed of each condition, such as arthritis, poor vision, back and legs, lame, sinus infections, short leg lengthened, cyst disappeared, pain for 22 years left, etc.

On Sunday night during worship Gary noticed a lady wearing a hand/wrist brace standing near him. Without her knowledge, he took a photo of her raised arm while she was worshipping. Believing that she would be healed that night, he wanted a "before" photo. And sure enough she was! But first some background.

A soccer player attended our meetings two years ago. He was healed of a broken foot and demonstrated his healing by tearing off his cast/boot and running around the church building. Now, lets fast-forward to this Sunday night meeting. Gary had him testify to his healing from two years ago. While he was telling what happened, the lady wearing the hand/wrist brace thought "if God did it for him, God can do it for me". So she immediately tore off the brace and was totally healed. She was the first person to come up and testified that she slammed her hand in the car door, was experiencing great pain and couldn't move her hand. She demonstrated the healing by waving the brace in the air as all the pain left and she could open and close her hand. As she returned to her seat, two others came to her asking for prayer. Both were healed of long standing conditions!! That's the power of the testimony!

On the same night, (the day of Pentecost) Mike Rogers took part of the team to another church. The fire of God fell in the meeting as 53 responded for salvation. When he began to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to be released, people fell to the floor weeping and shaking under the power of God. Even the church leaders were laid out on the floor. Many young children were crying and falling under the power of God. There were many healings and deliverances!

On Friday afternoon, several of the team members went to the local nursing home. Again, God showed up in a big way. There were at least 7 salvations. One was an OLD man in bed who finally gave his life to Jesus! There were also many healings as God's love and compassion was poured out.

Here are some more amazing testimonies...
Steve prayed for a man that had been born with a severely locked arm (against his chest) and clenched hand. He had never used either since birth and there was no muscular development. The power of God manifested and he began to shake and fell to the floor. Almost 30 minutes later he got up and his arm had straightened out and his fist had become unclenched. You could see his muscles twitching as God was rebuilding his arm muscles and he was crying tears of joy.

Krystle prayed for a 10 year old boy who was born deaf in his left ear. The boy's father said it was impossible for him to ever be able to hear since he was missing the part of the ear that causes him to hear. After praying twice, the boy could hear perfectly out of that ear. He was 100% healed and demonstrated it before the church. Krystle was stunned that God would use her in such a way. In fact, she was undone for a long time afterward.

Dorothy prayed for a man who had been stabbed 3 times in the neck and shoulder several years ago. His whole left side was in constant pain. He could not raise his left arm above shoulder height. His left hand and fingers were in a tight fist that he could not open. All the pain left his body and he was able to lift his left arm all the way up over his head. His left leg grew out about one inch. His left wrist was frozen in place but now he could rotate it. The finger and thumb on the left hand straightened out somewhat and he was able to squeeze her hand.

Linda and Tony went with us and emailed the following: "Since we have gotten home it seems Tony is healed of his diary allergy. He is eating things he normally could not eat without any issues. Also he was having pain in his side before we left on the trip and was suppose to see a surgeon when we got home. It has totally stopped hurting and he is not going to the doctor now. God is good!"

We are living in a day when God is moving powerfully by His Spirit to advance His Kingdom throughout the earth! If your interest has been peaked and you would like to experience the presence and power of God as described above, please consider joining us on a future ministry trip. If you have not been involved in international ministry like this in the past, you can be assured; you will never be the same if you go! Our next trip will be August 8-15, 2011 to Colombia, South America. There is still time to go. Please contact our office for more information. Email: or phone: 336-667-2333. Website:

Here is a partial list of conditions that were healed:
Trauma and anxiety
Throat and chest pain
Back spurs
Ringing in ears
Sinus infections
Neck problems
Deaf/hearing loss
Blind/vision loss
High blood pressure
Sciatic pain
Short legs lengthened
Poor circulation
Degenerative diseases
Damaged nerves
Ulcerative colitis
Inner healing
Etc. Etc. Etc!


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