Belo Horizonte, Brazil Mission Trip Jun 30, 2010

Brazil Trip Report – Belo Horizonte, June 2010

We recently returned from another amazing trip to Brazil.  Each time we go, we see God do incredible miracles, signs and wonders.  This was no exception!


Our desire on each trip is not to go and do our stuff and then leave.  We want to see lasting changes!  We want to leave a deposit in their lives that will produce much fruit long after we are gone.  We have a passion to see churches and people truly transformed by the power of God.  That’s why a focus of each trip is to train and equip the believer to do the work of the ministry so they can begin to fulfill the call of God on their lives.


It is always exciting to return to a city and hear the glowing reports of all God did the last time we were there.  So much happens in a short time that it’s impossible to know the lasting fruit of our visit while we are there.   Such was the case this time. 


November 2009 was our first time to minister in Belo Horizonte.  In addition to many other meetings, we did one outdoor evangelistic crusade.  There were many healings, miracles and salvations that night.


On this trip in June, while ministering in the church that sponsored the outdoor event last year, a lady stood to testify of being healed and saved.  She suffered a severe stroke and was literally carried to the meeting that night.  The power of God came upon her and she got up and walked to the front to give her life to Jesus.  She was totally, instantly healed!


Because of this dramatic healing, other family members gave their lives to Jesus and were standing with her as she testified.  The pastor told us that 58 people were save and joined the church as a result of that one outdoor meeting!  That’s what we like to hear!!!


Below is the trip report written by a “first timer”.  Following that are a few of the amazing miracles we saw.


By the way, we would love to have you go with us to Brazil this November 8-17, 2010.  We are returning to Imperatriz, a city we ministered in a few years ago.  We saw God do incredible miracles, signs and wonders.  You can get all the information here: 


Please go with us and see first hand the miracles of God.  Your life will never be the same!



June 2010



Ephesians 2:10 (Amplified Bible)

10For we are God's [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live].


After several weeks of prayer, fasting and preparation the ministry team arrives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  Many of the team members have been to Brazil or on a mission trip with Gary Oates Ministries in the past.  For me, it is my first mission trip.  As I write the remainder of this report, I pray that Holy Spirit will inspire every word and God Almighty will receive all the honor and glory. 

The best way I know to put the Brazil mission trip report together is to categorize it into three sections:  people, places and things (which is all the miscellaneous stuff that would not fit in the other categories!)   So much took place over the course of 9 days which was transforming, personally for me as well as everyone on the ministry team.  Thank you, Jesus.



First of all, the people of Brazil are precious, beautiful and passionate.  At one church, the ministry team was asked to come up front and turn around so the people attending the service could see us.  As I stood up there and looked out around the church, I was moved to tears by the love of God for them pouring through my heart.  Wherever we ministered, the Brazilian people came up for prayer with great expectation.  It was such a blessing when we would return to the bus after any service and get the stats from each meeting for healing.  Eyes were seeing clearly, ears were hearing, lame were moving with freedom, salvations and baptisms in the Holy Spirit, deliverance from demonic oppression were just some of the miracles we experienced as a team.  God is so faithful.  


The children we visited at the orphanage were such a blessing to us.  We were able to pick up snacks and beverages to take to them.  We laid hands on them and prayed as the Spirit would lead us.  What a wonderful opportunity to serve God by serving these children. 


The ministry team with whom I served was incredible and anointed.  Being my first mission trip, I did not know what to expect.  By the time I left Brazil, I felt such a connection and love for each and every person on the team.   I sensed such a desire from each team member to make a difference in the people’s lives in Brazil.  We truly were “on a mission from God”.  Gary, Kathi, Bobby Conner and Rafaela had a wonderful time of impartation for our team when we first arrived.  I was so grateful for their leadership and the message they brought to the various churches we visited.  They always let the ministry team know that we had everything we needed to minister to the people.  As part of the ministry team, I was so encouraged and my level of expectation just continued to rise throughout the trip!  God was doing something in my heart as well as the hearts of the other team members who came to Brazil.  It’s amazing to realize that as the Lord sent us out to minister to His people in Brazil, we were recipients as well.  As I shared on the last day before we left, God was bringing healing into my marriage while I was away.  I trust it will be “fruit that will remain!”  What an awesome God we serve!! 



We had the opportunity to visit several churches throughout the week.  One of them was the “Batista” church.  It was so full of life.  The worship team was phenomenal and the presence of God was so strong as we worshipped.  One of the things that I noticed there was the freedom of the men to come up and dance before the Lord.  Yes, the women were dancing, but the men also come up front and truly danced with all their hearts!  We also had a fire tunnel at this particular church.  God’s presence was so thick that many people could not make it through without being carried!  Hallelujah!! 


Another church where we ministered several times was the Lagoinha church.  They were holding a prophetic conference.  Gary, Kathi and Bobby were all scheduled at different times to minister there.  Despite some glitches in the schedules, the people in the church were so hungry for the Lord and they came expecting to receive MORE of God.  After our first service there, the leadership invited us down for refreshments where they presented the women with chocolates and a rose! 


At a morning church gathering, Bobby Conner was the guest speaker.  He ministered powerfully in the prophetic by declaring God’s word, sharing his own testimonies of supernatural visitations and then walked through the church encouraging and bringing the Lord’s healing words to the people.  He called the ministry team forward and went to each one of us and said “You have what they need”.  Now how is that for encouragement!  One person I prayed for that morning had partial hearing loss.  She was healed!!  Yea God!!  


On one of the mornings at the prophetic conference, Kathi spoke on inner healing.  It was very powerful and I noticed that not only people in the church were being touched and healed, but some on the ministry team were receiving a mighty touch from God.  It was truly a very powerful time at the Lagoinha church. 


Another very powerful time was when Gary spoke at the Baptiste seminary the last night we were in Brazil.  His message was on the “Glory of God”.  That night several people received gold fillings, gold dust and miraculous healings.  That was certainly the pinnacle of the entire trip for me.  I prayed with a woman who was missing 3 discs in her back.  She was always in pain and going to doctors.  We prayed and believed together for her healing and restoration of her back.  We pressed in and God did a miracle.  The woman actually felt like she was growing!  The interpreter that was with me that evening told me that someone said she was in the back touching her toes and bending over, etc.  I still have to pinch myself and make sure this was real!  Another woman I prayed over had eye issues and felt burning in her eyes.  She was healed also.  What a mighty God we serve!  Gary’s message on the Glory opened the hearts of the people to believe and receive that night!!  To God be the Glory!!



This category is to capture some of the “things” I may have missed in the other categories. 

I was so blessed by Paulo and his beautiful wife and sons.  Paulo did a fantastic job of interpreting and it was a joy to get to know him and hear some of his testimony.  I am waiting for his book to come out! 


The hotel we stayed in (Ouro Minas) was very nice.  The food was fabulous.  The service was exceptional.  Another blessing……


Rafaela did a wonderful job keeping us on our toes.  She is a beautiful woman inside and out.  I am sure Gary Oates Ministries is very blessed to have her on the team!    She did an excellent job in preparing the team before we got to Brazil and keeping us on track while we were there.


The most important impact from the Brazil mission trip for me was seeing the Body of Christ in action – reaching out and touching people’s lives with the extravagant love of God.  I so appreciate Gary Oates Ministries and the opportunity to minister alongside these humble, anointed servants of the Lord.  I truly will never be the same.  Thank you so much!!  Until next time………..


With Love and Gratitude,

Maureen Kurp


Here is a sampling of what we saw God do:

Many received gold fillings and crowns in their mouths.  One man, a leader in the church, who didn’t believe it was real, got three gold fillings. He testified before the church of his skepticism and how God convinced him it was real!

In one meeting, two dentists who were verifying the miracles, asked for prayer for the same anointing to pray for their patients!!

A 13-year-old boy with serious eye problems, who wore special glasses to correct his crossed eyes, was completely healed and didn’t need his glasses anymore.

An 8-year-old girl was born with deformed feet and could only walk on her toes.  The power of God came upon her and she began to walk normally with her feet on the floor for the first time!

Another 8-year-old girl with beautiful dark brown hair received an awesome miracle.  Many of the strands of her hair actually became a metallic gold color.  Two hairstylists saw it and said that no hairstylist could do that!  It had to be a miracle!

One of our team members received several gold fillings.  Her dentist later confirmed the miracle after she returned home!

Here is a partial list of some of the other conditions that were healed.  Deafness, vision (retina, cornea, glaucoma, cross eyes, wall eyes), knees, arthritis, shoulder joints, lame walked, captives set free, the brokenhearted healed, stroke, emotional problems, legs lengthened, migraine headaches, heart conditions, anemia, sinus problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, drug and alcohol addictions, demonic oppression, cysts, lumps and tumors disappeared, asthma, gall stones, and you name it!


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