Colombia Mission Trip Report Jan 18, 2010

Fonseca, Riohacha, & Bogota Trip Report, January 2010

In January 2010, Gary Oates Ministries took a small team of expectant people to Colombia, South America. We were in for a treat as we stepped out of our comfort zone to answer the call of God on our lives and to demonstrate the gospel to the people in the rural coal mining town of Fonseca, a seaside town called Riohacha, and Bogota, the Capitol of Colombia.
Amazing Results  Here are the conservative statistics of what God did as many lives were radically transformed.
632 Salvations
1,012 Healings
52 Blind or vision impaired healed
47 Deaf or hearing impaired healed
32 Lame walking
10 Tumors disappeared
One of the team members said, “Ministering under the anointing of Gary Oates Ministries took me to a new level of expectancy for healings.”
Making History in Fonseca

When we arrived in Colombia the TV crew was already waiting for us at the airport. Gary Oates was interviewed and we were all photographed as part of the advertising campaign for the meetings. Gary told them that he believed God was going to do great miracles and healings like the last time he was there. We then took a 3-hour bus ride to the little rustic town of Fonseca. Upon arrival, a 10-year boy who was begging for money gave his heart to Jesus as we invited him to have dinner with us.  After dinner we were taken to the mayor’s office.  Along with his staff, 31 of us were packed into his little office!  The Mayor said, “I am honored to have you and believe you are bringing blessings to my people.  I believe it is a divine signal to strengthen Fonseca to have your evangelistic team teaching the Word.”  He said “We believe this will mark history for this town, having people from another country for God to mark us for His favor.  We welcome your born again life and you have the hospitality of this town.”  We felt honored to be given such a welcome.  Gary then prayed for the mayor and his wife for wisdom and blessings.
Churches of Fonseca Unify to Bring in the Crowds

This was the first time that four of the Pastors came together in unity to put on an outdoor crusade.  They placed hundreds of chairs in the town square and arranged lively worship and dance teams with skits on the big stage.  For a small town of only 23,000 people, we were delighted to attract over 1,000 people nightly to the crusade. Gary prayed a powerful prayer of impartation for the team on the first night and many received gifts of healings and some moved to a new level of seeing in the Spirit.  Our gifts of faith leaped to new levels each day.
Signs, Wonders and Miracles!

On the first night a lady who had arthritis for 10 years in her back and leg was healed and came up to tell the crowd, waving her crutch in the air.  Two people’s cataracts completely disappeared and they could see clearly as Gary prayed for them. It was awesome! On the second night a lady came forward to testify that she had a tumor in her back for 10 years and it had totally disappeared. Many who realized they had been healed the night before came forward to receive Jesus as their savior, many with tears streaming down their cheeks.
On the third night Gary announced that he saw huge angels with swords clearing the air above the crowd. Then he prayed for God to reveal himself and encouraged the audience to look for gold fillings and gold dust. At first they were bashful but when a few came forward to testify of gold fillings and gold dust on their skin, there was a commotion of people running over to see the fillings for themselves. Many started seeing gold dust on themselves and began laughing and chattering to their friends pointing to their skin.  The atmosphere became electric and expectations rose. It was visible evidence of God’s presence. Many received miracle healings and team members reported feeling supernatural heat and realignments happening in people’s bodies as they prayed for them. These people desperately needed to see this demonstration of the miraculous and the unconditional love of God. As Gary preached, many realized that God was their only hope and came forward for salvation.

Impactful Pastors’ Training

Gary conducted training for the church leaders each morning.  On the first day he taught them that the key to success is seeking the face of God.   Afterwards everyone joined together in prayer putting what we had learned into practice. Many had first time heavenly encounters.  The next day Gary realized that many of them had not received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit so he taught from the Word about the importance of this and the benefits of praying in tongues. Many came forward to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues.
The lead Pastor said, “We can get all kinds of advice, but now we have seen the Lord God manifested and this is what it is going to take to change Fonseca. This is a message we can run with and we will follow this through.”

Power of God Amidst Fireworks in Riohacha

Riohacha was a larger town with a population of around 169,000, and they know how to party!  Five of the churches joined together to work with the local authorities to put on a Christian concert and a fireworks display in the heart of the city. It attracted thousands of people over the two nights. While they were waiting for the fireworks, Gary got up on the big stage and preached the gospel.  He saw two big angels with swords and told everyone they were warrior angels. The people listened intently and when he prayed they all got excited because they could see gold dust on their skin. Gary called out words of knowledge for healing and hundreds of people waved to say they were healed.  
When Gary asked for testimonies, a little elderly lady came onto the stage and testified she had been blind in one eye for four years. The doctors wanted to operate but she was too scared because of her age and decided against surgery. Tonight she was totally healed!  The crowd went wild!
Countless people became believers that night and prayed the salvation prayer. The team prayed individually for people and saw many healings including totally deaf ears being opened, the lame walking, and tumors disappearing.
The local television station filmed our evening outreach and the fireworks display. We were invited to do a live interview the next morning at the TV station about all that God did the night before. We were also able to preach the gospel live on TV and explain to the viewers how to get saved.
Churches Leaders Get in on the Action

A special barbeque was arranged at a scenic goat farm retreat. Local pastors and leaders were invited to join us for a time of fellowship, prayer, and impartation. Some of the team ventured to try the goat meat, while others played safe with plain ole beef. We were all impacted by how hungry the pastors were for us to spend time with them in prayer and imparting spiritual gifts to them.   The presence of God was so strong that some of the pastors were crying afterwards. On Sunday, five team members preached in five different churches.   They all returned delighted with how God confirmed their messages with signs following and how many lives were impacted. People were coming to team members to thank them for answered prayers from last year. There was even a lady with a newborn baby who had received prayer to be able to conceive.  One couple drove three hours to catch up with the team and testify of their healing!   We celebrated after church with a nice walk by the sea and a meal at the nicest restaurant in town.  
Holy Ghost Home Group!

Our big meeting in Bogota was cancelled so we were taken to a little home group instead.  This was a divine appointment! They invited the neighbors so that all the chairs would be filled. One team member saw an angel throwing gold dust over the people, and it manifested in the natural realm along with a wonderful array of miracles. It was the most power packed home group many had ever attended!   An elderly man with a deaf ear was healed and two ladies with blurry vision were healed and there were 12 salvations! Among them was our bus driver who gave his life to Jesus after his leg was healed.

Dramatic Deliverances

At our first outdoor meeting in Fonseca, just before the call for salvation, a lady fell to the ground and began to scream. Rafaela went to her and ministered words of comfort and asked her what her name was to help her gain control of herself. The lady began to speak normally and decided to renounce her sin. With a few coughs the deliverance was complete. She finally experienced peace in her heart!  Another lady had a pretty dramatic deliverance while Gary was preaching in Riohacha. A demonized lady was throwing grown men away from her and attracted the attention of the local police! Little Rafaela again came to help and the lady soon calmed down and realized that she needed deliverance to be free. As team members ministered with unconditional love and acceptance, she gladly renounced her bondages to sin and received her deliverance. She was peaceful at last!
Come Go With Us!
You too can experience first hand God’s signs, wonders, and miracles.   See for yourself. It will change your life. You will never be the same! Instead of telling stories you heard from others, you will now have your own stories to tell. So join us on a future trip. You will be glad you did!  
Upcoming trips:
England & Jersey Island, May 27– June 7, 2010
Brazil, June 21-30, 2010
Colombia, South America, August 9-16, 2010

By Jackie Pringle

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