Korea Mission Trip Report Feb 19, 2010

Signs and Wonders in Korea

Kathi and I just returned from two power packed weeks in Korea. We ministered at a three day conference in Seoul, a three day conference in Sokcho, a three day pastors conference in Osan, two church services in Seoul, two church services in Jumunjin, and one day teaching doctoral students at Agape Seminary in Seoul.
Pure Nard Ministries and Pastor Chul Huh hosted all of our meetings. Pure Nard also published both Kathi’s and my books.   They are making a profound impact in Korea.
This was our third time to minister in Korea, and as always it was amazing. The Koreans hunger level for things of the Spirit is the highest of any place we have been. They are like sponges, always wanting more. As you may know they are people given to prayer and fasting. It was not unusual to hear them say they have been praying and fasting for 21 days for our meetings.

A lot of people came out of curiosity but most of them truly wanted more of the supernatural. We could see the light bulbs going on as they began to break from religious tradition.
The conference title in each place was “Expect the Supernatural”.   That is exactly what happened! Many people began to experience the supernatural for the first time. The strong presence of God in every meeting opened the heavens for major breakthroughs.   There was a high percent of eyes being opened to see in the realm of the spirit, first time out of body experiences, angelic visitations, heavenly visions, etc.   
In meeting after meeting, God manifested His tangible presence by releasing gold dust and oil from heaven. Excitement spread as His signs and wonders filled the room. In more than one meeting, people testified of gold dust covering their hands and face. Others ran up to the front to see it. As they laid hands on them, the gold dust was transferred to the others. The more they gave away, the more kept appearing on their hands.
The same happened with a lady whose hands were covered in oil. The more she gave away, the more she got!
One elderly lady got five gold teeth (two on top and three on the bottom). She was so overcome by the presence of God she could barely stand up. In another meeting, three people got gold teeth. In both cases, people ran up to see the miracle first hand. The surprised look on their faces said it all.
One man was healed of a ruptured disk and had significant improvement in his vocal cords that had been damaged. He was able to speak much more clearly and in a higher tone.
Anther lady who suffered for twenty years with TMJ was healed.  The popping, cracking, and pain left.
An elderly lady with very poor vision testified to her healing. She said my interpreter and I were very blurry. During the ministry time, as she was responding to the healing presence of God, her eyes cleared up and she could now see perfectly.  
A deaf man was healed and can now hear. The pastor stood behind him and spoke softly. He was able to repeat every word for the first time in years. His wife was ecstatic and the crowed went wild.

At each location Kathi ministered Healing the Brokenhearted.   There was a strong anointing to set the captives free.   The response was overwhelming. Emotional wounds, past hurts and traumas, especially DNA traumas were healed. Wonderful testimonies were given by those deeply touched by God.  

God moved powerfully in both the pastors’ conference and at Agape Seminary. Many were stunned by the presence of God that filled the room. God’s glory was again manifested leaving many weeping on their faces. Amazing testimonies impacted everyone present. Some pastors will never be the same…neither will their churches!
One pastor who attended our second Transformation Summit three years ago here in Moravian Falls said his life and ministry was turned upside down. His wife agreed! He has since implemented many changes in the church to break free from tradition. He is now building on a solid foundation and excited about the future. Yes, his life was transformed. That’s what we love to hear from pastors and leaders!
Kathi and I went to Korea by ourselves. But we have several team trips in the near future. We would love to have you go with us to the UK, Brazil, or Colombia. Click on the dates below for trip details.
Upcoming trips:
England & Jersey Island, May 27– June 7, 2010

Brazil, June 21-30, 2010

Colombia, South America, August 9-16, 2010

If you can’t join us on a trip, why not come to Moravian Falls for one of our conferences? You’ll be glad you did! To see our itinerary and upcoming events, click on this link:

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