Riohacha, Colombia Mission Trip Report Jan 20, 2009


“This trip has changed my life forever. God has blessed me in ways I could never have imagined and I am more excited about my future than I would have imagined.”   Sandy B.

Yes, the trip to Riohacha, Colombia was life changing - not only for the team who went with us – but for the countless precious people whose lives were so mightily touched by God.

Another team member said it this way, “The greatest part of the trip was the greatest miracle of all, the salvations and the ones that we will see in heaven because you were so faithful.  The healings were beyond description…so many without pain.  Many can speak and hear, walk and Praise God for what he has done.” Jim T.


“Nothing like this has ever happened in Riohacha.  This is a historic event”, Pastor Loren said about the outdoor evangelistic meetings held on the main street by the beach.  The police actually blocked off the street to accommodate the crowd of people!  The place was electric with the presence of God as people came with great expectations.  The local television station covered the event as well as the newspaper.  The whole town was abuzz.

The first night attendance was somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000.  The next night conservatively between 4,000 and 5,000 showed up.  Amazingly, there are only 18 protestant churches in Riohacha (population - 169,000) with about 2,000 believers total!  So a lot of non-believers showed up and hundreds responded and gave their lives to Jesus.  We’ll only know for sure the total number when we get to heaven.  By the way, the Police Chief was saved the first night and two more police officers were saved the next night.

On the last night, the event was celebrated with a massive fireworks display that could be seen for miles around.  The crowd was screaming with delight.  What a memorable experience!


In addition to ministering to the pastors and leaders in morning sessions, our team visited three orphanages.  What a delight to minister the love of God to such precious children.  

Some of our team went to a local prison and ministered to the inmates.  At least 30 of them gave their hearts to Jesus!


On Thursday and Friday evenings our team divided up to minister in different churches led by Rafaela Silveira (Missions Director for Gary Oates Ministries) and Krister and Sanna Turoy who are interns of GOM. The Holy Spirit was present to “confirm the word by the signs that followed,” (Mark 16:20). The response to the salvation call was outstanding as we watched 50% of the people present in the church rush to the altar to give their lives to Jesus.

The meeting on Friday evening was followed by remarkable healings as a woman testified that eight small cysts in her breasts had disappeared after a word of knowledge. Shortly after that the room was filled with an anointing to dissolve cysts and other people testified that their cysts had disappeared from their bodies.  

That same night in another church, Krister prayed for 10 people with poor vision.  All 10 were healed and could see perfectly!  During the week there was a total of 25 people who were blind or vision impaired that received healing and can now see!


On the first night of the outdoor crusade, two deaf and dumb from birth were healed.  The word spread and the next night five more came and were healed!  Our team saw a total of 9 people born deaf and dumb healed! (A team member, Dawn I., prayed with 7 of them!) One girl was about 10 years old, the rest were from 21 to 44 years old!  It emptied out the local deaf school!  In addition to them, 9 more hearing impaired were healed, for a grand total of 18!


A three-year-old boy was in an accident when he was 6 months old and was not able to walk with out braces. After prayer, his mom took the braces off and his legs were straighter.  After more prayer, the boy was healed and ran into his mom’s arms.   

A security guard was shot in the leg.  The bullet went down the main artery of his right leg doing much damage.  He had several surgeries but they could not restore his mobility.  It was as though his leg died from the knee down.  He was scheduled for another surgery in three days.  The power of God came on him, he jumped up and ran to the front to testify and demonstrated his healing by twisting, bending, and dancing around.  After the meeting a man interviewed him getting all the details for the local newspaper.  

An eight-year-old girl with malformed feet from birth who found it very painful to walk was healed.  She started jumping!   

In all, 15 people who were lame or had difficulty walking were healed!


A worship leader who played the keyboard was healed of three paralyzed fingers.

A man’s paralyzed arm looked deformed.  After prayer, he could move his arm as mobility was restored.


This sleepy little beach town in the extreme northern part of Colombia will never be the same.  The local pastors and leaders were overwhelmed by all that God did…and so was our team.  They blessed us with an incredible display of love and hospitality.  We look forward to ministering again in Riohacha next year!

On our stopover in Bogotá on the way home, we ministered in a church near the airport.  That night 17 people came forward accepting Jesus into their hearts.  There were many healings and deliverances.  Several with hearing loss were healed, and one lady left the meeting carrying her crutches over her shoulder after being healed of an ankle injury.

These are some of the highlights that only scrape the surface of what God did in Colombia.  What an AMAZING trip!

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