Londrina, Brazil - Mission Trip Report Jun 08, 2008

GOM in Londrina, Brazil, June 2008

Gary Oates Ministries hosted a mission trip for approximately 58 people to Londrina, Brazil in June of 2008.  The goal of the trip was to impart to the ministry team the wisdom and anointing from the Casa de Davi leadership team and to take Gods’ gospel and power to the people of Londrina.  The expectations for this trip were high that God would move among us in a mighty way and reveal His presence and power for all to see.   As always, God stepped beyond all of our expectations.

The team gathered from all over the United States and from as far away as the British Isles and the United Kingdom.   The majority of the team members had not experienced a trip with GOM before and had various expectations.  A few met old friends from previous trips, conferences and seminars.  Old friendships were renewed and new friendships made even before we set foot in Londrina.  We even had the opportunity to start praying over and for each other during the journey.  As is always the case with GOM trips, it was only the beginning.  We can never have expectations bigger than what God can accomplish.

Casa de Davi was the hosting church for our group and provided an incredible experience for everyone involved.   Mike Shea, a pastor at Casa de Davi, gave several heart-changing teachings on how the Bride of Christ and the world have ignored many of the warnings God has provided.  Davi Silva, a worship leader at Casa de Davi, led the team in worship that healed many.  He gave his personal testimony of how God has been working in his life.  Davi continued to teach how to draw closer to God with sincere worship.  The overall message from Mike and Davi is that if the church has the right relationship with God, we will see and understand his warnings and repent corporately.  We are living in an age where God is warning of his impending judgment and we must wake up to hasten the coming of the Groom to claim His bride.

Mike Shea gave a powerful message to the team stating that since God is holy, we must think twice before entering God’s presence, just like the priests entering the most holy place of the tabernacle. Mike related many recent events, such as the 9/11/1999 destruction of the World Trade Center in New York, to biblical prophecy and showed patterns in the timeline of many recent events.  He believes that until entire cities and nations repent, or Gods’ boundaries have been crossed, God will continue to provide warnings of His displeasure. Repentance of the church is necessary to hasten the coming of His Kingdom.  Jesus first coming was at the high point of sin on earth.  Currently, sin like that in Sodom and Gomorrah before it was destroyed, is spread worldwide.  The Church must be prepared for the warnings God is providing and for the second coming of Christ.  When the church is following God’s will, the prophets are silent.

Davi Silva is a Brazilian that was sovereignly healed of Down’s Syndrome.  As part of his healing, Davi received perfect pitch.  As part of his healing and growth, Davi had to learn to use his healing and gifts in a positive way for God.  When he began leading worship in the church, he was critical of others and wanted perfection from the worship team.  This is a very high bar to clear and many worshipers would leave his team in frustration.  God continued His work in Davi and revealed how He wants His people to worship Him.  Davi taught us that worship must be intense, given with passion and without rules.  Our worship is not about what we want to give God, but about what God wants to receive from us.   When I know Who God is, I know who I am and there is no crisis.  

The teachings we received merit listening to, over and over.  The ministry time in Londrina was also incredible.  We were able to participate in an outdoor venue outside one Casa de Davi church where Gary Oates gave the message.  Many people from the neighborhood arrived and God was able to move among His people.  Many healings, salvations and rededications to Christ occurred on that night.  The worship was Spirit-filled and joyful as many danced and rejoiced in the Lord.  Another night was spent in a gymnasium ministering to the public.  Many healings took place during the worship time as the ministry team prayed for those in need.  Brazilians enjoy their music loud and the worship did not disappoint anyone, including God.  After the message, prayer continued and God continued to move among His people.

Other times on the trip were spent visiting other churches throughout Londrina.  Several ministry team members had the opportunity to present God’s message through interpreters.  One church was called the surfer church’ because it was decorated with skateboards and surfboards.  God used Chase Turner to reach out and touch many young people with words of knowledge, visions and healings.  The worship raised the roof, honored God and ushered in the Holy Spirit.  The sincerity and freedom of expression in Brazil is inspiring.

Brian Guerin also gave a moving message in yet another church.  He gave his personal testimony and the weight of Gods glory could be felt by many in the church.  Brian had a special treat of impartation for the people who desired it.  Of course, the ministry team members were the first in line to receive it, then turn around and impart it to others.  The intimacy with God was truly special that night.  

You may be wondering ‘What about Londrina? What about the hotel? What about the food?’  Well, it was all beautiful way beyond our expectations.  We were so well taken care of we had to do little more for ourselves than get up, shower and get dressed.  To be honest, I rarely get an opportunity to brag on the GOM team that puts the trip together.  I start talking about how God changed my life and the rest just doesn’t get air time.  I would like to thank the GOM team for the wonderful accommodations, food, planning and everything else they do so well it isn’t even apparent.  

The people of Brazil are hungry for God in a way we just don’t fully grasp here in the United States.  Their worship is heart-felt and Spirit-led.  Their motto: ‘If you truly want to worship God the way God wants to be worshiped, take the clock down off the wall.’  One worshiper climbed up and did just that.  Thank you, Jesus!

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