Manaus, Brazil - Mission Trip Report Nov 09, 2008

 Manaus Mission Trip Report – Nov. 2008

Manaus, Brazil
November 9-17, 2008

“I’m still having trouble coming up with the words to adequately convey all that I experienced and learned in Manaus.  “Awesome” and “life changing” kind of go without saying but don’t even really do the trip justice.  All I can say is that I have come away from Brazil feeling very hungry to know God more.  Like never before, I have almost an unsatisfyable desire to be closer and more pleasing to Him.  This trip definitely put the world back into perspective for me and shifted my priorities.” 

Jenny’s comments pretty much says it all!  It’s true; words can’t adequately describe all that God did on this trip.  Just look at these conservative statistics:

Total Salvations: 888
Total Physical Healings: 2,276
Vision Impaired or Totally Blind Healed: 46
Acute Hearing Loss or Totally Deaf Healed: 20
Lame Healed: 27
Tumor Dissolved: 52
Inner Healing and/or Deliverance: 322
Baptism in the Holy Spirit: 31

Our team of 29 arrived in Manaus, Brazil on November 10, 2008. Manaus is a city of two million people, located in the heart of the Rain Forest, a thousand miles down the Amazon River. Joining us was a team of ten from the Embassy of Christ Church in Londrina, Brazil. Expectations were high and continued to escalate as Gary and Kathi Oates cast visions and shared amazing testimonies from previous trips to Manaus. They were accompanied by anointed worship played by Casa de Davi’s very own Paulo Silva. 

Our first night of ministry was a foretaste of what the remainder of the trip would be like. It was evident that the bar of expectation we’d set would quickly be surpassed by God’s power and grace.  Our team split up and ministered in three different churches led by the interns of Gary Oates Ministries (Chase Turner, Paul and Susan Morris) and Rafaela Silveira. Many on the team came back reporting that 100% of the people they prayed for were healed!

That same night Kathi ministered on healing the brokenhearted to two thousand women in Manaus’ biggest church, Ministerio Internacional da Restauracao, (MIR).   Captives were set free from trauma and bondage they carried from childhood. It was an amazing way to kick off ministry and a night that will forever be written on the hearts of our team and those we ministered to.

This huge church is one of the largest in Brazil. They have 20,000 cell groups and well over 100,000 members. Approximately 10,000 people (mostly cell group leaders) pack the building for each service.

The following day our team enjoyed a time of exploration. We took a boat up the Rio Negro and on to the famous Amazon River. Here we enjoyed a meal compiled of eloquent foods native to the region. After our lunch we hiked through the canopy of the Rain Forest, seeing a variety of wild and plant life.

That evening Gary and Kathi took a portion of the team on an exciting trip across the Rio Negro via ferry for an amazing time of ministry. The message was brief but very impacting as many were healed and many received salvation. Among some of the healings was a lady deaf in one ear who was sovereignly healed during mass ministry. 

As a member of the team, my most impacting moment of the trip happened on this night. During the salvation call, I witnessed some of the most sincere conversions in my life. Standing on the stage I saw people with tears rolling down their faces as they ran into the embrace of their newfound Savior. I asked Holy Spirit if for just a moment He would grant me, by His grace, to enter into fellowship with His emotions. My heart was cut as I felt waves of joy, excitement, compassion, and love crash over me!  I began weeping as the Father nature of God encompassed these former spiritual orphans.   Later that evening as the teams reunited back at the hotel, testimonies were at large and everyone was so excited by the presence of God and His response to their prayers.

The following morning, Gary ministered to the leadership from MIR and other local churches. He taught a convicting message on the importance of intimacy with God. By the end of the message, everyone was on their face before the Lord’s presence, making “haste to bow low toward the earth and worship,” (Exodus 34:8). After the session the team enjoyed lunch at Brazil’s famous Currascaria, an upscale buffet style restaurant that serves an endless salad bar and a variety of rich meats.

That evening the team again divided up to minister at different churches, strategically ushering in the reality of God’s Kingdom throughout the city. The Holy Spirit was faithful to “confirm the word by the signs that followed,” (Mark 16:20). Miracles abounded at each location and team members again testified that everyone they prayed for was healed.  This became a common response from heaven to our prayers on this trip - and the way it is supposed to be anyway! One of Gary’s interns who preached that evening reported that upon releasing the Glory of God, the church erupted and people were healed, saved and delivered!

During ministry time on Friday night, one young man came to receive impartation for a healing anointing.  In a market place on the following day, he spotted a blind man.  He boldly asked the man if he could pray for him.  The man agreed, so he laid hands on his eyes and asked God to heal him.  As he pulled his hands away and the man was instantly healed and could see perfectly!

Our final night in Manaus was absolutely amazing. We were so blessed to be apart of MIR’s celebration of those who had given their lives to the Lord in the past month. Most of the 20,000 cell group leaders gathered at the church over a span two services on that Sunday night. Gary, during both sessions gave a quick, heart-cutting message on the ministry of angels and the team was released to pray for as many people needed prayer. After the second service the team stayed until almost the entire church had cleared and every person who wanted prayer received it. We witnessed Jesus do amazing things that night; miracles such as blind eyes open, deaf ears hear and lame people walk! The total salvation count for those two services alone was over 600, our God is so good!

A major key to so many breakthroughs was our focus on intercession during the meetings.  The heavens opened and God came down!

On this trip the unity of the team was tested in many ways and when it was all over, friendships were made that will last through eternity and a sense of family was so eminent. The Kingdom of God was established in the hearts of thousands and the name of Jesus was lifted above every other name. His love was poured out, healing thousands and bringing many into His embrace.

Chase Turner
For Gary Oates Ministries

Here is a partial list of conditions that were healed:

Herniated disk in neck
Terminal cancer
Rotator cuff
Migraine headaches
Drug addition
Sciatic nerve
Knee cartilage replaced
Carpel tunnel syndrome
Cataracts, Glaucoma, lazy eye
Irregular heartbeat
Skin disease
Dislocated shoulder
Back conditions/pain
Tumors disappeared
People came out of wheelchairs and walked!
Etc. Etc.


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