United Kingdom Mission Trip Report Nov 20, 2007

The ministry team arrived at Gatwick International airport in London on Wednesday, November 21st, 2007.  There were 16 on the team including 2 from Britain, 1 from Brazil, 1 from the Netherlands and 1 from Austria.  Our first stop was Wimbledon, the home of the famous tennis championships.  The church in Wimbledon, called the Oasis, had recently opened a healing rooms ministry.  Gary felt he should focus on healing to help establish a healing well there.  From the very first night, there was a great hunger in the people for more of the presence of the Lord.  There were many people healed in the meetings.  One woman walked for the first time in 20 years.  She was also deaf in her left ear, and God healed her ear as one of the team prayed for her.  During the healing the brokenhearted session with Kathi Oates, there was a strong deliverance anointing.  Many were healed and set free during the session.  By the last night of the conference, many had been touched and healed by the power of God and had experienced His presence in new ways.

From Wimbledon we headed south for a conference in Torquay (pronounced Tor-key) by the sea.  Over 230 people filled the ballroom of the Grand Hotel for 3 nights hungry for the power of God.  On the last night of the conference you could feel the expectation of the people.  During praise and worship many were dancing and rejoicing before the Lord.  Gary ministered that night on the supernatural and spoke about heavenly portals being opened in the earth.  During ministry time a portal opened on the left side of the room. People went rushing to the spot and were getting touched by the presence of the Lord.  Many ended up on the floor laughing and rejoicing.  It was wonderful to see the people responding to the presence of the Lord.  

Our last stop of the trip was the historic city of Bath.  The host church, Bath City Church, was a beautifully renovated 1930's theatre.  Our first night there, the Lord healed a 15 year old Down Syndrome boy of total deafness in his left ear and 50% deafness in his right ear.  He was so excited by what the Lord had done for him that he went to school the next day and told everyone about his healing.  Another marvelous healing was that of a 13 year old girl who suffered with dyslexia.  The power of God came upon her and she said she felt her mind begin to clear.  Her mother reported that the next day at school she was able to learn and comprehend her studies without struggling as she had in the past.  During the last service in Bath, a portal opened on the right side of the room and people began to experience the power of God.  One woman was being twisted and bended by the power of God and was healed of a back condition.  She hadn't been able to move like that in many years.  Many others were touched and healed that night also.

As the team traveled through the land of John and Charles Wesley, George Whitfield, William Booth and other great revivalists, there was a strong sense that God was getting ready to visit England once again.  It was an honor to be a part of what the Lord is doing there and to see over 140 physical healings and over 257 inner healings and deliverances.  God is moving in the UK and we were thankful to have a part in Him visiting and touching His people.

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