Bogota, Colombia Mission Trip Report Aug 06, 2007

August 7, 2007
The First evening meeting Gary preached on the power of God to heal and the ministry of angels. Several were sovereignty healed during the preaching and many more afterward while the team prayed. One team member, Josh Brown, prayed for a lady who was partially deaf in both ears. At first, nothing seemed to be happening. But as he kept praying, she started smiling and crying and said she could hear significantly better out of her right ear, but not her left. As they kept praying, her right ear improved. Another team member, Sarah Conley, reported that she prayed for several people with severe vision problems and thick glasses, who could see fine without their glasses afterwards. It was a great first night.

Aug 8
Early Wednesday morning a small group headed to the “Model” men’s prison in Bogota, with Andy and a local prison pastor. Our team split into 2 groups, one went to where the rebel guerillas were held, and the other to the sex offender’s yard. As we went in, about 15-20 gathered around. Josh Brown shared his testimony of how the Lord healed his brain. The prisoners said it was such an encouragement to have us come share, encourage, and preach the Word. After prayer an inmate reported that his back pain got a lot better. Others received pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. One inmate fell over without anyone touching him, which stirred hunger in many others to experience what God was doing. Several men just cried and cried, alone or while being hugged by a team member. It was wonderful. Meanwhile with the other team at least a dozen prayed to receive Christ. When we went to the work area Andy began to preach forcefully. He told them they needed Jesus and many responded by praying a prayer for salvation.

During the evening meeting Kathi ministered healing to the brokenhearted and many were touched, including some of our own team members.

August 9
Thursday morning we went up into the hills, to a very poor and dangerous part of the city called Barrio Bolivar. We went to minister at a small private Christian school with about 250 kids. Many of the children in these barrios don’t even live to be 20 years old. People often hire boys as young as 10 or 12 year to kill someone. So the children end up both murdering and being murdered. At the school, we prayed over the children, and then played with them for a while; passing out stickers and balloons, and playing with hand puppets. We all enjoyed the time, although the severely difficult circumstances the children face was not far from our minds.

That evening Hector, a team member, went to a local church to preach and prayed for a boy with a withered hand. His fingers were about half an inch long. Hector prayed, and the boy’s fingers grew out to the normal length in the space of a few minutes. Wow! This was recorded on video.

August 10
The evening meeting was at the “Church of a million souls” (CMB, Gary preached on faith for healing. There were probably about 1000 people there. Over 200 reported experiencing a healing as Gary prayed en masse over the crowd. There were various healings, such as people who had had shoulder pain for years, suddenly left when Gary prayed. During team ministry time a woman with a rash on her hands, and a problem with her eyes received prayer and she said she didn’t feel the eye problem any more. Another woman had a pain in her side, whenever she prayed. There was witchcraft in the family, and so they dealt with it. Then they prayed, and the woman continued praying – her side no longer hurt, even though she was praying. Many team members prayed for blind and deaf people who got their eyesight and hearing back. One guy had an accident, after which he couldn’t hear out of one ear. All he heard was a constant roar like a jet engine. Dave prayed for him and the roar stopped.

August 11
Saturday morning we returned to the original CMB church location. 40 minutes into Kathi’s sermon on healing the broken hearted, they suddenly told us that 4 couples were going to get married there. So Hector, one of our team members who is a pastor, got up, lined the couples up on the platform, and married them all in about 20 minutes. This was pretty wild, but it gets even wilder. After we all had communion, the team members went upstairs for a snack, and another couple followed Hector up the stairs and asked him to marry them too, he did so, right there in the dining area.

August 12
Sunday evening around 5000 to 8000 people came to the Million Souls church. Gary preached on healing, and during the mass prayer for healing, it seemed like nearly everyone raised their hands indicating they had been healed. The conservative estimate was 4000 sovereign healings. The testimonies were wonderful. Then the team prayed for those with terminal diseases and other conditions. A person, who had pain in the stomach area, was quickly prayed for and the pain left.

Later on the team laid hands briefly on everyone who wanted impartation. Back at the hotel, we had a nice farewell dinner, and Hector performed yet another marriage ceremony as he led Gary and Kathi in renewing their wedding vows on the occasion of their 38th anniversary.

God did many miracles and healings, and many accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. These are the Final statistics from all team members:

Total Salvations: 261
Total Physical Healings: 5950 (very approximate, probably more)
Vison Impaired or Totally Blind Healed: 53
Acute Hearing Loss or Totally Deaf: 28
Lame Healed: 13
Tummor Dissolved: 5
Inner Healing and/or Deliverance: 669
Baptism in the Holy Spirit: 55

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