Supernatural Encounters and Miracles Abound in Brazil Jul 17, 2007

After making a number of these international mission trips, superlatives run in short supply when trying to describe the manifest presence of God, his awesome power to save, heal and deliver and the supernatural encounters we experience while ministering on foreign soil. During two weeks in June, we traveled with a team of 80 of our soon to be dearest friends on a ministry trip to Joinville and Londrina, Brazil. It was the largest team, by almost double, that we have taken on any previous mission trip. The outcome was a double blessing of His joy, power and glory in our midst.

This trip was characterized by heavenly worship, an abundance of joy and laughter, spectacular healings and amazing encounters with God. During the course of the trip, the team saw more than one thousand physical healings in response to the prayers they prayed. Numerous blind eyes and deaf ears were opened. Several who were lame or had tumors in their bodies were healed. The churches in both cities were hungry for more of God. And, His presence was made manifest in response to the cry of their hearts.


During the Sunday morning service in Joinville, the worship team took us into an open heaven as the glory of God fell all over the room. Gary stood on the platform in awe and sensitive silence as he gave place for the Spirit of God to move sovereignly. Later, he said it was the most powerful message he never preached. Scores of people, including most of the team, were literally blasted by the power of His presence and the overflowing joy of the Lord as the Spirit of God rolled in waves throughout the building. This move of the Spirit lasted about 2 ½ hours and was completely choreographed by the Holy Spirit with no direction or input from any leaders. Many were healed and delivered as we ministered among the people under this powerful weight of anointing.

A young man was in this meeting from a secular video production company. He was being paid to film the meetings and was not in a good place with God. As he saw the power of God moving all over the room, he became terrified in the best possible way. Although he was concerned about not doing his job, he could not keep himself from crying out for prayer. He was saying in effect, what must I do to be saved? We saw him a few days later in another church where we were ministering. The darkness which had been so pervasive over his countenance was completely gone. He was almost glowing with the light of God's presence.

In this same meeting, there was a little boy, who was one week away from being four years old. He was wearing very thick glasses. The lenses were thick like the bottom of a Coke bottle. Throughout the meeting, the little boy was worshipping, dancing and moving among the people enjoying the presence of God. At the conclusion of the meeting, he went to his car with his mother. He took his glasses off and threw them down. His mother asked him what he was doing. He told her, Jesus had healed his eyes and he did not need his glasses any more. His mother told us he went around all that day with his hands raised to the Lord saying, hallelujah, hallelujah. We saw the little boy and his mother a few days later. He was not wearing his glasses and could see perfectly! Hallelujah, indeed!

The ministry and healing that took place among the team members was over the top. Five people from the team were healed from serious hearing loss and three team members were healed from sight loss. One team member had suffered from a fifty percent hearing loss for many years. During one of the meetings, Gary called for people with deafness to come forward for prayer. The man went forward along with a number of others. As Gary prayed, a Brazilian lady was healed from deafness, she then prayed for our team member and he was healed as well. One team member was healed from night blindness and another received about 80 percent improvement in his vision from an eye that had been almost completely blinded in a military accident 24 years ago.

Four years ago while in Brazil, Gary had prayed for a four year-old girl who had had a brain tumor since birth. Gary didn't have any particular sense that anything was happening when he prayed for the girl; he simply prayed in faith. The prayer was so seemingly nondescript that later Gary was even having difficulty fully remembering when he had prayed for the girl. During one of the services in Londrina, the father and his daughter, now eight, came to Gary and testified that after Gary had prayed for the girl four years earlier, they went back to the doctor and the tumor was medically confirmed as being completely gone. The girl has remained totally healed to this day!

Supernatural encounters and creative miracles abounded!

Due to an accident, the joint in a man's finger had been totally destroyed. He had no ability to bend or even flex his finger. In response to a word of knowledge, the man came forward and received a restored joint and complete range of motion in his little finger.

In a relatively poor Baptist church in Londrina there was great freedom, excitement, energy and joy in their worship of God. At one point during worship, they parted the assembly in order to create an aisle for Jesus to come in. As this was done, one of the team members saw Jesus, appearing as the Son of Man, walk into the building and down the aisle they had created for Him. He was dressed in a white robe that was trimmed in gold. He was smiling and enjoying the worship that was going on around Him. He walked down the aisle to the front of the church, where He turned and was smiling broadly to all of the people.

One team member had a face-to-face encounter with the Ancient of Days. She could clearly see His facial features and the rich beauty and ancient quality of His eyes. His eyes were emitting brilliant diamond-like light. From there, she was shown a bound and sleeping giant, which represented Brazil. God sent warrior angels and a call for intercession to free the sleeping giant.

Another team member experienced Jesus washing his feet. Jesus came and washed the world off of him and enabled him to deeply express his love to Jesus even through song.

Our bus driver in Joinville was deeply touched by the love and ministry that was lavished on him by the team. He prayed to receive Jesus and was gloriously saved!

On Saturday night in Joinville, Kathi Oates ministered Healing the Brokenhearted to the hundreds in attendance. The results were powerful and life changing for many. One Brazilian woman, a pastor's wife, received powerful inner healing after struggling with deep depression and other emotional traumas for years. This couple had been in ministry in New York for the past twelve years. Two weeks ago, when we moved the ministry office to Moravian Falls, NC, this couple was there to greet us. After being prompted by the Holy Spirit with multiple prophetic confirmations, they are moving too Moravian Falls in the next few weeks. God is amazing. Following the Healing the Brokenhearted ministry, Kathi issued a powerful call for salvation and a large group of young people responded to receive Jesus.

Drew McGee and Tom Wymore shared the preaching responsibilities in various churches in Londrina. Their impact on the people and the team was very strong. Through powerful preaching, words of knowledge and God's anointing of amazing love many were touched, healed and delivered through these men's ministries. In one meeting, several women who had lived for years under the guilt and shame of having had abortions were healed and freed by the precious blood of Jesus as they responded to a word of knowledge.

These are only a very few highlights from yet another extraordinarily excellent adventure in God. It is impossible to fully describe all that God did and the power, glory and joy of His manifest presence. Suffice it to say that God is a God of experience and encounter and He is on the move in very powerful ways in our time. One of the best ways we have found to experience His love and power first hand is through international mission trips like the one we just described. Therefore if you are so inclined, check out our itinerary, put a little money aside and come on along. We can assure you with the utmost confidence, you will be glad you did.


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