GOD VISITS THE ROCK... Mar 28, 2007

Gibraltar, a British Colony, is strategically located for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. At the southern most part of Spain lays Gibraltar Straights, the entrance to the Mediterranean. This extremely small country covers only 2.2 square miles, and one half of that area is covered with the famous Rock. Less than 30,000 people live along the beautiful shores of the Bay of Gibraltar. It is the home of much occult activity, witchcraft, sorcery, spiritism and pagan practices. There are approximately 300 born again believers – a mere one percent of the population. But that will change!

The weekend conference drew 200 people (including several pastors) from Gibraltar, Spain, Morocco, Algiers, and England. The host church, Bethel Christian Fellowship pastored by Michael and Susan Mifsud, is the largest spirit-filled church in Gibraltar with less than 50 people. The conference was held just across the border in La Linea, Spain.

The first meeting was difficult with little apparent response from the adults. The only bright spot was when Gary called up all children ages 5 to 19 and he and Kathi prayed for them individually. It was a powerful time of impartation as many were blasted by God’s presence.

The second session saw the beginning of a move of the Holy Spirit as several people testified of angelic encounters, visions, and heavenly experiences. They showed great hunger and came with high expectations. Their 40 days of prayer and fasting prior to the event began to pay off. Much of the teaching on the supernatural, intimacy with God, and healing (both physical and inner) was relatively new to them.

All Heaven broke loose in the third session. Gary completed only two thirds of his teaching when God came down. These defeated, tired, and oppressed people begin crying out, falling to the floor, repenting in tears, and then laughing as the breakthrough came.

During the fourth session, as Kathi ministered on Healing the Brokenhearted, many across the room began to cry as God was touching the deep places of their hearts. The people were stunned and amazed as several came to testify of deep healings from past trauma, hurts, and wounds. It was awesome!

Saturday night the place was electric with God’s presence. The momentum continued to build as many received physical healing. For example, a lady had a loud sound, like a volcano erupting in her ear for 12 years, and the Lord just healed her. She testified that now she can hear better from the healed ear than from the “good one”! The pastor’s daughter also received a similar healing in her ear. After suffering from a perforated eardrum for many years that caused a loss of hearing, she can now hear better out of that ear than she can out of the “good one”. A lady testified of her back being healed. She explained that the pain was so great it was difficult for her to sleep at night. A pastor received her testimony for himself. His back pain was not allowing him to sleep at night. He later reported that he slept like a baby for the past two nights without waking up! No more pain! A man suffered from arthritis that caused great pain in his hands and joints for 12 years. He felt heat on his hands and the pain left. He reported that other parts of his body were healed during the night as he slept. This is a sampling of some of the healings God did that night.

After the meeting, a man who was skeptical of all that God was doing told us he asked, “Is this you, Lord?”. Immediately his left hand began to shake – he wasn’t doing it! Then his arm started moving forward and backward. He felt as if someone was holding his hand and moving it for him. The next morning he told everyone about what happened and explained that he felt different – like it was a new day. Hope and excitement returned where before he had been depressed and despondent.

On Sunday morning Gary challenged them with a powerful and timely message to continue on with all God did that weekend. The church had been struggling – caught in a rut of trying to “hold on” and simply maintain where they were. They had become ingrown – no outreach. He prayed for impartation and commissioned them to be released to do the works of Jesus. There was an awesome sense of God’s presence. Two people got saved that morning. One lady who was ready to commit suicide that afternoon ran up for prayer and was set free. The man who was hired to run the sound system at the conference gave his life to Jesus. A Muslim cab driver was also saved! There were major breakthroughs that weekend. Many people said, “This is what we’ve been waiting for”. Thank God for all He did – and will do in Gibraltar and the surrounding areas!

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