In several areas this trip was a high water mark among mission trips we have taken. The ease with which salvation, miracles, healing and deliverance flowed was incredible. Also, the love, joy and unity among the team were extraordinary. Here are some of the results: Salvation: 819 Physical Healing: 2794 Blind – or almost blind: 95 Deaf – or almost deaf : 47 Lame – or difficulty walking : 52 Tumors disappeared: 22 Inner Healing & Deliverance: 1405 Baptism in the Holy Spirit: 121 Below is the report written by Mike Dubs. It’s long but well worth the read! Enjoy!


COLOMBIA MISSION TRIP January 18-29, 2007

“As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:7, 8 NIV) Look at the life of Jesus. Notice what he did. He pointed people toward heaven. He healed. He delivered. And today He calls us to do the same. He allows us the privilege of joining with Him in seeing people saved and set free from all types of infirmities and bondages. We get to partner with God in binding up the broken hearted; setting captive spirits free; ushering people into the Kingdom of God. Whoa. What an awesome God we serve. Our recent trip to Colombia, South America exploded with signs and wonders of the supernatural. None who went will ever be the same. How can you be? When you see God at work in such powerful, mind-boggling ways?

Day One: January 18. Our day to travel to Colombia. Just the day before, many U.S. airports were closed and flights grounded due to inclement weather. God gave us clear skies so people from all over the country and Canada embarked on what was to become a life-changing journey that began in Cali, Colombia.


Day Two: January 19. Our first meeting was at the Christian Center of Love and Faith. There, Gary Oates, through interpreter Andre Dorronsoro Guzman (Andy), taught a simplified version of his message on “How to Pray for the Sick,” reducing it to three points: 1. Ask the person what’s wrong with them. 2. Ask God what to do (how to pray). 3. Do what God says! It was a powerful message that empowered and equipped the Colombians…as well as the Ministry Team. Gary then led the audience through a healing session and many, many people were touched by the strong move of the Holy Spirit. Remarkable healings took place during this time. Next, Gary called the Ministry Team to come to the front of the stage to pray for those who hadn’t yet been healed. A sea of people came forward for prayer.

One of the more extraordinary healings was a woman in her 60’s who had severe myopia all her life. She said (through an interpreter) that as a young girl she couldn’t see the blackboard in school. She held her hand about eight inches from her face and said that was all the distance she could see clearly. A couple of team members prayed for her and when she opened her eyes she began shouting (in Spanish), “I can see! I can see!” and she began dancing around praising God. Gary asked her to read a sign on a building across the street and she did so!

After lunch back at the hotel, the team adjourned downstairs for an impartation session. Gary, Kathi, Dave, Anita and Rafa laid hands on each of the team members, most of whom went down under the power of the Holy Spirit. Words of encouragement were spoken over each team member. There was some crying and even some riotous laughing as inner healing took place among various team members. The presence of God was so palpable that no one wanted to leave. Kathi and the ladies left just in time for the 5:00 Women’s Meeting, where she shared her life testimony and brought much inner healing to both the Colombians and many of the women on the Ministry Team.

That evening, before the Outdoor Evangelistic Crusade began, Gary and Andy met a man who had a recent knife wound in the kidney area that caused him much pain and severely limited his movement. They asked if they could pray for him and he said they could. Immediately, the pain left. The man was amazed. Andy and Gary told him it was Jesus who healed him. The man said he wanted Jesus in his heart, so Andy and Gary prayed with him to receive Christ.

On the outdoor stage, the Christian Center of Love and Faith band played lively praise music for about an hour. Then Gary and Andy preached to all those assembled in the park and in the homes that rose steeply up the nearby hillside overlooking the park. The message was one of healing and salvation. Many responded, and dozens were miraculously healed. Then many more asked Jesus into their hearts for the first time. We saw first-hand that praying for healings first and then decisions for salvation is “Power Evangelism.”


Day Three: January 20. At the Christian Center of Love and Faith, Gary, through Andy, taught on “Receiving a Word of Knowledge for Healing.” Gary reminded everyone that there is nothing that God does not know! God can reveal to us something that’s wrong with someone we’ve never met so we can pray. As an example, Gary received a word of knowledge concerning a hearing impairment – and three people were healed! Gary emphasized that the closer we are to God, the better we will hear what He has to say – like being clearly tuned in to a radio broadcast.

Gary said there are six ways to receive a word of knowledge: 1. See it like a photograph. 2. See it like a movie. 3. Read it like a newspaper. 4. “Know” it. 5. “Feel” it. 6. “Say” it. Usually when you give a word of knowledge, faith is imparted to the person you’re praying for.

After the teaching Gary asked the Ministry Team to once again come to the front of the stage to pray for the people. Again, dozens and dozens of souls came forward. And again, many were healed and many were saved. Praise God! Later that evening when it came time to leave the hotel for the Outdoor Evangelistic Crusade, the skies darkened with ominous clouds and a steady rain was falling. The time on the bus was spent asking God to part the clouds and hold back the rain…and to part the heavens and send forth His ministering angels.

When we arrived at the park, the rain stopped briefly. The angels ministered all night. While the worship music was playing, Gary and Hector went to visit the man with the knife wound who had been healed the previous night. The man’s cousin was there because he had heard about the miraculous healing and he too wanted to receive Christ. But he was plagued by many demons and was very troubled in his spirit. Finally, he prayed and asked Jesus into his heart and asked God to forgive him for all the sins he had committed – including the killing of many people!

Also before the rally, two Team Members prayed for a man who was staggering. At first they thought he was drunk, but it turned out he had suffered head trauma in a motorcycle accident that had left him very dizzy and also very anxious and paranoid. As the Team Members prayed, the man went down under the power of God and when he came up he was totally healed! The Team Members told him it was Jesus who healed him – would he like to invite Jesus into his heart? The man said yes and prayed the prayer of salvation.

The rain began again while Gary and Andy were ministering, but it didn’t deter them – or the crowd. Many wonderful healings took place and numerous people came to the Lord. A woman who had been confined to using a walker for nearly a year walked unassisted across the entire length of the soccer court and up the stairs of the stage to give her testimony that she had been healed!


Day Four: January 21. Sunday at Christian Center of Love and Faith. These people take church seriously! Seven services: 7, 9, and 11 a.m., 1 3, 5, and 7 p.m. Each service ran a full two hours. The church seats 1800 and all the services were full except for the 1 o’clock service when “only” about 1000 were present. There was no break between services – the only way you knew one service had ended and another had begun was that the worship music started up again. Ah, yes, the worship music. Even those of us who don’t understand more than a word or two of Spanish were covered with glory bumps and ushered into the very Throne Room of God! What a glorious experience! Anita and others took many photographs – and the Glory of the Lord shined forth in the photos. A host of angels could also be seen in the photos, joining everyone in lifting praises to our Holy God. The Ministry Team was there for the first six services. Gary spoke at the first two, Kathi at the third, then Rafa, then Hector and finally Dave and Anita. Every message was anointed and powerfully used by God. An estimated 250 people came to Christ during those six services! Praise His holy name! At the end of most services, the Ministry Team went downstairs to pray for those needing healing and/or salvation. Many were healed of infirmities, led to the Lord and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Bless God!


Day Five: January 22. A day of rest. The evening Outdoor Evangelistic Crusade was in a tough neighborhood. It was physically dark; it was spiritually dark. Yet the Light of Christ broke through as the music team ministered and Gary and Andy shared. Many went down under the power of God. More than usual. God was doing some deep, inner healing apparently. As always, many were healed, and many received Christ. But it was a difficult night for Gary and Andy on the platform and for the Ministry Team in the park. It got to be late. The team was still ministering but Andy’s familiar “Let’s go NOW!” rang out, so everyone headed for the bus. An all-night intercessory prayer session was set up to counter the dark conditions at the outdoor crusade. All the hour-long slots were filled by Ministry Team and we collectively prayed throughout the night.


Day Six: January 23. During the day we split up and some rested. A group of men traveled to a nearby prison to minister to the inmates. Unfortunately, those men who had not signed up in advance were turned away. Those who were allowed in found the conditions to be as expected – tattered and torn clothing on the men and very, very crude confines. However, those inmates with Jesus in their heart radiated a joy that surpassed the oppressive conditions! These men were free on the inside! Each of our men shared and ministered powerfully, bringing a message of hope and peace to the incarcerated – despite their dire circumstances. Thank you, Lord! The intercessory prayer time the night before obviously worked. The same park that was physically and spiritually dark the night before was lit up now with the brilliant glory and presence of God! The worship music brought us closer to God. Gary and Andy ministered powerfully and many were healed and delivered. Many more were saved. Hector met with those who had miraculous testimonies to share and selected some to step up on the platform and share with the crowd. Everyone’s faith rose a few more notches as they heard the testimonies. More were healed. More were saved. Praise the name of Jesus!


Day Seven: January 24. A different sort of morning; one filled with the bright, smiling faces of children. First we visited one of Randy McMillan’s churches and schools. The prophets of his church have said that these children are set aside by God to lead His army. The hearts of these children are amazing; their faith radiates from their small faces. The Ministry Team laid hands on the children and prayed over them, sharing any words of knowledge we had for the youngsters. It was a blessed and inspiring time!

From there, the bus took us to the most impoverished area of Cali; an area so dangerous that even the police refuse to go there after dark. In this perilous part of town resides a beacon of light and hope: the Matusalen Day School. A devoted young woman named Laura started the school in what used to be her home. Before departing the bus, we were warned repeatedly to stay close together and walk quickly to the school. We willingly obeyed. Once inside the school, however, the spirit is one of joy and freedom. The children beam with gladness. They are the fortunate ones who have been chosen to be leaders in God’s army here in this outpost in the poorest part of Cali. Gary Oates Ministries has contributed extensively to assist Laura with the school. We were told the brightly painted walls, the additional toilets, the extra sinks and the lighting fixtures were all recent improvements. Also new were the children’s uniforms and school supplies. Many on the Ministry Team brought small presents for the children, such as the stickers that the kids proudly wore all over their faces and arms. And the children had presents for us – hand-made boxes and frames made from Popsicle sticks. The children sang a song for us and performed a skit about how we must all share the Word of God and the love of Jesus with everyone we know. Most of the children are saved. Many have brought family members into the Kingdom. Looking at their glowing faces made it almost impossible to believe they came from such abject poverty. Many of their parents steal, kill, and kidnap people as a means of support, and they expect their children to follow in their footsteps. Under such dark circumstances, only God can keep these children on His path of righteousness.

That night, the bus ride to the Outdoor Evangelistic Crusade was boisterous and inspiring! So many visions! God was moving so powerfully! We knew we were in for a good night at the park! The sponsoring church had a special place set aside for the Ministry Team – complete with covered seating. But we were all too excited to sit down; we wanted to see what God was going to do in our midst. The stage backed up to a busy street that was lined with curious onlookers. They didn’t want to come into the park, but they seemed intrigued by the music and the message.

When Gary spoke he directed his message not only to the crowd in front of him, but to those behind him as well. We saw many get healed – including some along the street – and many came to a new faith in Jesus Christ. It was a glorious night in God! Sadly, we said good-bye to our interpreters with whom we had experienced so many healings, deliverances and salvations. There is an indescribable bonding that takes place when you minister so closely with someone; those people will remain in our hearts forever.


Day Eight: January 25. The flight to Bogota was without incident. The flight from Bogota to Bucaramanga…well, that’s another story. Suffice it to say that what the enemy meant for evil God turned to good. After a few boardings and deboardings, we arrived safely in Bucaramanga, without our luggage, but grateful nonetheless. That evening we visited a good-sized church. The worship music was loud, uplifting, and glorifying. Gary, through Andy, delivered a powerfully anointed message on faith healing. Then Gary had the Ministry Team line the aisles for prayer and all heaven broke loose! People were being saved, people were being slain in the Spirit, people were being healed, people were being delivered. Gary had mentioned something about this church’s leadership possibly having a problem with faith healing. If that’s the case, this was an evening that must have stretched their faith to the max!


Day Nine: January 26. At the morning Pastors & Leaders Meeting, Gary spoke on humility. Whatever power God has imparted to us is a gift – He has anointed us with His giftings. Our responsibility is to use the power we have been given to heal others in Jesus’ name. Gary asked the pastors who were present – both Colombians and those with the Ministry Team – to come forward and he then prayed a prayer of impartation over them all. There was a powerful sense of the Holy Spirit as Gary prayed. Then, almost automatically, the Ministry Team fanned out and began praying for people. We saw more healings, more deliverances, and more salvations. Gary and Kathi both spoke at the evening meeting. What an amazing service! God’s presence was thick and tangible! 41 salvations! 215 sovereign healings! God was on the move! A man with Multiple Sclerosis stood and briefly walked without help. He walked across the stage with some help and stood for a long time. The Ministry Team took their positions in the aisles once again and the people came for prayer. Many were suffering from family issues and financial issues. Others who had been at several of the previous services finally had worked up enough courage and faith to ask for prayer and many of these people received their miracle! God is so good!


Day Ten: January 27. When Kathi spoke on “Healing the Broken Hearted” it was hard to tell who was ministered to more – the Colombians or the Ministry Team. As soon as Kathi began, Ministry Team members started falling under the power of God. Larry said, “Those who have beheld the face of God are here among us! Those who have beheld the face of God are here among us!” Then he went down for the longest time. Brian, too, was down under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Kathi walked everyone through a number of possible deep hurts we may still be holding onto such as anger, discouragement, shame, condemnation, and guilt, to name but a few. By the time Kathi finished her list, the Holy Spirit had most everyone in tears or going back over their childhood, asking God to reveal anything that needed to be resolved. We each reflected back on our pasts, on those times in our life when we were hurt, abused or scarred. We were giving and receiving forgiveness; asking God to hold that wounded child and heal him or her; inviting each precious small one back into our life as a whole and healed child – because we need him or her since they make up a part of who we are as adults. There was much crying out and even moaning as God did a powerful, sovereign work among us.

Our final Outdoor Evangelistic Crusade was held in an amphitheatre that sloped down to a covered band shell. The worship music was loud and commanding. Gary and Andy gave a compelling message on healing, followed by a salvation invitation to which many, many souls responded. Although the venue wasn’t especially conducive for ministry, the Ministry Team found enough open spaces in which to pray for the crowds. The lines for prayer were long, and numerous people received healing. It seemed like God was especially touching eye problems that evening, along with other conditions. A man in a wheelchair got up and walked. There were pictures circulating the next day of him riding a bike to church! One of our beloved interpreters, Sergio, received a special blessing: God gave him a supernatural tooth filling. But not just any tooth filling…a gold one! As someone said, “God didn’t just fill his tooth – he gave him some ‘bling-bling’!” Dave asked the Ministry Team to join with Gary Oates Ministries in blessing Andy for all his hard work. A collection was taken and Dave reported it was the largest ever collected for Andy on a Colombian trip! Andy was overjoyed by the gift because he wants to purchase a lap-top computer and now has the resources to do so.


Day Eleven: January 28. The Ministry Team split up and ministered at various area churches on Sunday morning. Many healings and salvations were reported when the teams reunited later in the day. Sunday night marked the Team Celebration. And what a celebration it was! The entire Ministry Team rejoiced over the hundreds and hundreds of decisions for Christ that we witnessed! The thousands of healings! The numerous baptisms in the Holy Spirit! The mood was lively and deeply reverent at the same time. Gary’s and Kathi’s parting words touched everyone’s hearts. Dave and Anita were so appreciated for keeping us all on track. Rafa and Brian blessed us with their servant’s hearts. What an honor and blessing to minister with these fine people! And what a Ministry Team God put together! Friendships were made that will last through eternity. There was such an evident spirit of unity among everyone. The night culminated in the hotel lobby with a raucous “Fire Tunnel” with joyful celebrating that could be heard four floors above! Everyone passed through the tunnel to receive prayer and blessing. Even the hotel staff passed through! And Hector prayed with the hotel luggage handler who received Christ right there in the tunnel!

And, above, all, we want to give all glory and honor and praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It was He who touched the blind that they might see; touched the deaf that they might hear; touched the lame that they might leap to their feet and begin to dance. “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have the room for the books that would be written.” (John 21:25 NIV)

Report written by Mike Dubs for Gary Oates Ministries

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