England, Ireland, & Wales Mission Trip Report Dec 22, 2006

(November 20 – December 4, 2006) Most of the team arrived in Gatwick Airport in London, England at about 6:30 AM. Our first day was scheduled for sightseeing and adjusting to the change in time zones. We traveled to London and got caught in the rain in Trafalgar Square. We were greeted there by a brilliant double rainbow, our heavenly Daddy’s first hint that He had great things planned for us. It was the first of many rainbow sightings. We then traveled to Ludlow in Shropshire where we were treated to the sight of a beautiful castle and another rainbow.

After our arrival at the hotel, we gathered for our team meeting and impartation. During this session, God moved powerfully in preparing us for the ministry opportunities ahead. His presence moved among us as Gary and Kathi prayed and prophesied over each one of us. We began our first day of ministry at Revival Fires in Dudley, England, with pastors Trevor and Sharon Baker. Gary and Kathi were guest speakers along with John and Carol Arnott and Duncan Smith. The conference had a wonderful international flair with people from Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Nigeria, Brazil, Ireland, Australia and the USA all in attendance.

The first service was for pastors and leaders. Gary and Kathi brought powerful sermons addressing the needs of leadership followed by a time of impartation. Most of the leaders were visibly and often dramatically affected by His power and presence as the team ministered to them.

On Thanksgiving Day, the team was treated to a special blessing. We found Toby’s Carvery to be just the right place to feast on a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings.

Kathi’s “Healing the Brokenhearted” session in Dudley was marked by dramatic release as God freed many people, including some of us, from the painful affects of wounded and broken spirits. There were loud outbursts as people screamed, shouted, cried, and coughed while God was pulling anger, pain and other effects of trauma out of their spirits. There seemed to be an especially strong reaction when the power of freemasonry was broken.The testimonies afterward were amazing as people shared the healing God had brought to them during the session.

Because of the breakthroughs when Kathi ministered, the last session of the conference experienced an open heaven over the meeting. As Gary began ministry time, a portal opened over the left side of the church as healing angels began to descend on the people. It was interesting to see that almost all of the people who came to testify came from that section of the room.

There were many wonderful physical healings, including 5 people with severe hearing loss, a lady who had had three hip replacements was completely healed, another lady with a broken foot was able to move her foot and toes again with no pain; a man had his shoulder movements restored, and a lady was healed of a lung problem. Also, Kathi prayed for a boy named Siegfried who was delivered from 16 years of terrible seizures. Among other things, Kathi prayed for an improvement in his speech abilities. Since she prayed, Siegfried's speech has improved dramatically. He would rarely speak and when he did he was difficult to understand. Now he is talking more and much easier to understand. He is also able to hear and understand things better. His whole communication system has dramatically improved.

From Dudley, England we traveled to Cork, Ireland. On the airplane between Birmingham and Cork, several of the team members saw a rainbow outside the plane window that formed a perfect circle with the shadow of the plane in the middle. Not only that, but we were greeted outside the airport by the sight of yet another rainbow! God’s encouragement of covenant love seemed to be greeting us from all directions.

In the meetings in Cork, Liz Fitzgibbon led us in worship. Liz is powerfully anointed in worship and flows beautifully in His presence. As a result, the presence of God swept into the meetings. The first night seemed to meet some resistance in the spirit. However, as the meetings continued spiritual momentum was building and the people began to move in increasing levels of freedom as God opened their hearts. Many of them had already been experiencing supernatural manifestations but had no spiritual “grid” for their experiences.

One man shared that he had been experiencing God’s manifest presence and anointing for thirty years without knowing exactly what was happening, and others shared similar testimonies. Rafa Silveira, our trip facilitator, shared her testimony in one session in Cork and gave a brief explanation of how to move in words of knowledge, and then she turned the people loose. Many of the local congregation received words of knowledge, and everyone who did had at least one person respond, saying the word was for them! Not bad for first-timers, wouldn’t you say?

One person had an experience where she saw angels blowing trumpets. That very morning, two of the team members heard the sound of trumpets so clearly they could not tell if they heard it with their natural ears or their spiritual ones! God gave Rafa a prophetic word for one of the men in the church. He was very powerfully affected as she spoke it out. The power of God impacted his body as he catapulted out of the chair where he was sitting. His glasses went flying several feet away as his body responded to the Spirit with contortions that would be physically impossible in the natural.

By the last night, you wouldn’t know you were in the same place. God truly showed up in a powerful way as the supernatural realm of the Holy Spirit invaded the hearts of the people. There were many healings and manifestations of the Spirit.

Our next and final stop was in Wrexham, Wales. God marked our visit with the sign of yet another double rainbow over the church during our first meeting! In Kathi’s “Healing the Brokenhearted” session, over fifty percent of the people present received healing in their hearts and spirits. In the last service on Sunday night, the ministry team called out words of knowledge for healing and several people responded.

One young man had found gold dust on his hands earlier and believed it was a sign that he would be healed of liver problems. He asked God for confirmation and asked that someone would have a word of knowledge for liver problems – and one of the members did! He stood to receive healing and testified that he could feel things changing in his body. He said he would go to the doctor to get himself checked out. Later that evening when a team member prayed for him, God took him into the spirit into a third heaven visitation where he saw the throne room. He was completely “wrecked” afterwards and could not even speak without garbling his words and bursting into tears, still overcome with the power of his experience.

God did a great work in all three places and will continue to do so. Not only that, but He brought healing and renewed vision and purpose to many of the members of the ministry team who went on the trip. He is truly faithful in everything He does. The ministry team kept their antennas connected with the Lord as He was giving them opportunities to minister in different places.

Two of our team members, Jerry and Linda Summerville were sitting in the lobby of the hotel as the maintenance man walked through bending over and holding his back. He looked at them and said that he had 3 vertebrae that were smashed and that he was always in pain, but it was even worse because he had been moving furniture. They told him that was too bad and that they were so sorry for him. He said, “thanks” and left. They both realized that they should have prayed for him and wanted God to give them another opportunity. That afternoon they went to Tesco [a local grocery/variety store like a Wal-Mart Super Center]. While there, the fire alarm went off and they had to evacuate the building for five or eight minutes and then they were told they could go back in. They didn’t understand why that happened but God’s timing is perfect. When they got back to the hotel they ran into Mick (the maintenance man) in the hallway. They asked him if they could pray for his back and told him that God could heal him. He said, “yes” so they both laid hands on him and prayed for his back to be healed. When they finished, he began telling them that his wife died two years ago and his kids were grown and lived in other places, and that he had no one and was very lonely. They prayed again for God’s love and the comfort of Holy Spirit.

The day we were leaving Dudley, Jerry went outside to help pack the van and Linda was in the lobby when Mick walked through. She asked him how he was doing. With a huge grin, he said, “I’m healed.” She said, “No pain?” And he confirmed, “No pain!” Then he knocked on the wooden reception desk (for good luck). Linda said, “No,” and pointed up. “It was Jesus that healed you.” Then she asked if he had ever asked Jesus into his life. He said no, but that he believed in God. After briefly telling him about a personal relationship with Jesus, she asked him if he would like to ask Jesus into his life. He said, “Yes!” Right then he prayed and received Jesus. She asked him if he had a Bible and he said, “no”, so they gave him money to buy a Bible. Thank God He gave them a second chance with Mick!

It was an amazing trip from start to finish! Yeah God!

Megan Morris, for the UK team

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