Report On Meetings in Yuba City, CA Oct 30, 2006

We saw major breakthroughs in several areas. Here are some highlights: Kathi’s session on Healing the Brokenhearted was awesome. The response of those experiencing a healing was tremendous. Lots of wonderful testimonies from people being set free from years of shame, guilt, trauma, fears, insecurities, etc.

Here are some of the physical healings that God sovereignly did…

- A lady couldn’t turn her head since being in a car accident 2 years ago. She felt heat and heard a pop as the power of God came upon her. Now she can freely move her neck!

-An 11-year-old boy broke his elbow 3 years ago and had not been able to touch his shoulder. All that changed as his elbow began to burn like fire. He demonstrated how God healed him by touching his shoulder!

-A man had major abdominal surgery 20 years ago leaving a dead spot on his left leg. For the first time since the surgery, feeling returned to that area of his leg.

-A lady with generational hearing loss said she could hear angels singing, felt heat on her ears, and was completely healed. She called her dad on a cell phone and could hear perfectly! Her ears continued to burn for a long time afterward.

-A lady was in a car accident 16 years ago that did serious damage to her jaw. The doctor said it could never be corrected. She could not yawn, sing or smile without causing great pain due to permanent damage to her jaw. All that changed as Dr. Jesus came on the scene! Her jaw was completely healed, total freedom of movement and no more pain!!!

-Another lady suffered with TMJ for over 30 years. Nineteen years ago she broke both condyles in the joints of her jaw. After surgery to reposition her jaw, she could barely open her mouth wide enough to put 2 fingers in her mouth. Even that would cause great pain. She was sooooooo excited to now put all 4 fingers (one on top of the other) in her mouth with no pain! (I just tried to do that and could only get 3 ½ fingers in…and I don’t have TMJ!)

What a privilege to see God do such wonderful miracles!

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