Report on Meetings in Alaska, Massachusetts, and Ohio Oct 16, 2006

This report is a quick update on our meetings in Alaska, Massachusetts, and Ohio during the month of September. We were thrilled by what God did.


ALASKA The meetings in Alaska were awesome. A lot of healings (both physical and inner) and supernatural things happened.

During the Saturday night meeting, a portal opened up and God’s glory fell in one area of the room. Many people from the other side of the room ran over to get in it. It lasted for a long time. Several people were dramatically touched by the power of God. Most all of them had angelic manifestations, several were healed from long standing conditions, and others received inner healing as depression left. It was amazing!

A teenager had a major encounter with an angel. He was not walking with Lord and reluctantly came to the meeting. While he was standing in the middle of the portal, an angel had a strong grip on the boy’s wrist and would not let go. It looked like a tug-a-war going on as he was being pulled in different directions, while trying to hold his ground. This went on for several minutes. He was exhausted by the time the angel let go. Even the next morning his wrist was sore. It reminds me of Jacob wrestling with the angel. It changed the boy’s life. He’s now on fire for God.

Two healings…one of the elders had a longstanding problem of experiencing great pain when turning his head to the right. After stepping into the portal, the healing power of God fell upon him. All of the pain left and mobility was restored. Another man testified the next morning about his healing while in the portal. He had suffered with a hernia for over one year, and in a jiffy God healed him. The hernia was gone!


MASSACHUSETTS In Pepperell, a major breakthrough came Saturday night as a result of the afternoon session when Kathi ministered healing for the brokenhearted.

The Sunday night meeting in Cambridge was incredible. One man testified that he felt the hand of an angel take hold of his jaw and straighten it out. Immediately it popped into place. His TMJ was healed!

At one point, I demonstrated how Kathryn Kuhlman would minister by pointing at someone and saying, “God is healing you right now”. At the end of the meeting a man told me that as I was quoting Kathryn, I pointed straight at him…and He was instantly healed of a bad cold!!!

A lady in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down, began to have feeling and movement in her legs for the first time. God did soooo much!


OHIO Kathi’s session on Healing the Brokenhearted resulted in major healings for many from traumas of the past. We’ve received lots of testimonies from those who received breakthroughs and are now free to enjoy more of the presence of God…and peace in their hearts and minds.

For example, a young girl was wonderfully set free who had been raped 2 years ago and had the baby, went into deep depression and was burdened down by guilt and shame. Her mother said it was the first time she has seen her daughter smile in 22 months!

There were lots of physical healings as well. A lady with serious hearing loss in her left ear was healed. While talking on the phone she could never hear anything through that hear. To prove her healing, she called a friend on her cell phone and could hear every word equally in both ears for the first time. Yeah God!

At the mention of the person the week before who was healed of TMJ, three more people received complete healing of the same condition.

One man reported healing from a serious car accident 11 years ago. He had constant pain in various parts of his body and could not run because his feet had been crushed in the accident. He said the pain completely left and he demonstrated his healing by running down the center aisle of the church…with a big smile on his face. *********

This us just a sampling of some of the wonderful things God did. May He minister to you in a special way as you seek Him!

Gary Oates Ministries

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