Gary and Kathi, along with Sue Copeland spent two amazing weeks ministering in Seoul, Pusan, and Ulsan, South Korea. During that time they ministered in four churches, two conferences, and one seminary. Their host for the trip was Pastor Huh and the publishing company, Pure Nard, who published Gary’s book, Open My Eyes, Lord, in the Korean language. They spoiled Gary and Kathi with kindness and their hospitality was incredible. In every place they ministered the people were like sponges…hungry for more of God. Everyone came with great excitement and anticipation, expecting to receive a touch from God. They were not disappointed!

SEOUL The week began with a conference in Seoul. In addition to Gary and Kathi, the other main speaker was Jack Deere. It was an awesome conference from start to finish. At one of the sessions, Gary spoke on developing intimacy with God and the importance of experiencing the manifest presence God daily. There was a powerful anointing as he spoke. Because the church was packed and there was no room for everyone to lie on the floor and soak in His presence, Gary invited them to stay seated in the pew and practice what he just taught. Since it was lunchtime, Gary didn’t expect many to stay. Much to his surprise, EVERYONE stayed. NOBODY left! They begin to cry out, cough, etc. Within a few minutes the people were laid out on the pews and scattered down the isles on the floor as they begin to experience the presence of God. Almost two hours later, after returning from lunch, many who never left the building were still being touched by God. Several said it was a turning point in their lives, some had out of body experiences, visions, God spoke to them, etc. All kinds of cool stuff happened!

One night in Seoul, a famous Korean movie star came to the meeting. Boy, was he in for a surprise. As the power of God came down, he was totally blasted…began to scream and fell to the floor. Blood vessels in his nose broke forming a pool of blood on the floor. He experienced a sovereign deliverance as God set him free. He was half drunk in the spirit as he came to the front to testify about what had just happened. He said he was not acting and kept repeating, “this is real…this is not a movie”! He described an encounter with God where he saw a large hook come down out of the sky, hooked him in the side and lifted him up to heaven.

That same night a lady who was almost completely deaf in her right ear was healed. When Gary asked everyone to test their body to see if they had been healed, she put her finger in her good ear and was surprised that she could hear perfectly out of the other ear. Another lady who was scheduled for a biopsy for a lump on her breast was healed as the lump totally disappeared!

SEMINARY Gary taught and ministered to the doctoral students at Agape Theological Seminary in Seoul for a full day. They were VERY receptive to his message. Even the president of the school was “very impressed” and invited him back to do a conference next year.

SUNDAY The lady who interpreted for Gary the first Sunday morning was taken up to heaven twice during that week. Many in the church had major supernatural experiences and healings. The pastor was really excited because it was the catalyst they were looking for and it’s been on-going in the church all week.

HEALING THE BROKENHEARTED Kathi did her outstanding teaching on Healing the Brokenhearted at both of the conferences in Seoul and Prayer Mountain. The response was the greatest she has ever seen. At Prayer Mountain, she had the highest percent of people indicate they received healing than at any previous meeting. They were crying out as they released pain, anger, and trauma in their lives. The room was electric with the presence of God. Incredible testimonies followed. Several people commented, “This is what Korea needs”.

PRAYER MOUNTAIN The conference was held at Pujeon Prayer Mountain outside of the city of Ulsan. The place was packed and everyone sat on the floor. They said it was the largest crowd in the 10 year history of Prayer Mountain. One of the pastors said the conference was, “an historic event”. The meeting the first night was OFF THE CHARTS!! At the end, during ministry time, there was a spontaneous eruption of the Holy Spirit. God visited the place with His manifest presence. A portal opened over the room and the glory of God fell! The people began crying out, shaking, coughing (sovereign deliverances), falling like flies…the floor was littered with bodies. This went on non-stop for 17 minutes!!! Gary never spoke a word the whole time. A very high percent had their eyes opened to see into the spiritual realm, and some were taken to heaven. Gary never spoke about healing that night but during the outpouring more than 20 people were sovereignly healed. God just did it! It was one of those rare meetings where God showed up big time! Really awesome!! Gary’s interpreter said with tears in her eyes, “I’ve never seen anything like this”…and neither have Gary or Kathi! ON A PERSONAL NOTE: a dermatologist offered to remove Gary’s “age spots” on his face…also Kathi’s “wrinkle lines” on her face. They both had it done…and now you won’t recognize them. :) Their youth has been renewed!!!

TESTIMONIES Here are a few of the testimonies from those healed by God. -A lady with arm and wrist pain since giving birth 13 years ago was healed. Not only that…she was believing that her eyes would be healed at the meeting so she took her contacts out before she came to church. God saw her great faith and healed her. She now has perfect vision. -Teenage boy with long standing serious knee pain who walked with a limp was totally healed. -A lady who suffered with major migraines for years and was experience great pain during the meeting was healed. She said the power of God came on her, she went down, had a vision of Jesus touching her, and all the pain left! -A humorous one…a lady hurt her finger two months ago in an argument with her husband and had experienced constant pain since then. She was totally healed! -A lady with chronic pain in her stomach since high school (about 20 years) was healed. -A lady with arthritis all over her body had great difficulty sitting down was healed and could both sit and from a standing position bend all the way over touching her fingers on the floor. A feat she could not do for years. Gary and Kathi left Korea with tears in their eyes in thankfulness to God for all He had done, and how privileged they were to be a part of it.

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