Intimacy with God Ushers in Angelic Manifestations and Healing in Manizales, Colombia Aug 22, 2006

Manizales, Colombia Mission Trip Report (July 18 – July 24, 2006)

This was our second trip to Manizales, Colombia in less than one year. We had been there previously in January 2006. The impact of the first trip was so powerful that we were immediately invited back to train the pastors and leaders in the ministry of signs, wonders, miracles and personal growth.

Bill & Carol Dew of Dewnamis Ministries arrived four days ahead of Gary & Kathi Oates and the rest of the team. They got right to work preparing the leaders and the people for ministry exploits in God. This was the primary focus of the week; preparing God’s people to do the works of ministry. Bill & Carol’s effectiveness was off the charts as they taught, trained and ministered on inner healing, the biblical basis for healing, words of knowledge, deliverance and more. They used wit, wisdom, enthusiasm, transparency, the Word of God and mighty anointing in bringing the people from spectators to those who are willing to lay hands on the sick.

Kathi brought healing balm to wounded hearts as she prepared a place for Jesus to heal the brokenhearted. The results were supernatural as several testified of the healing encounters they had with Jesus. In addition to intimacy with God and all things supernatural, Gary taught and ministered the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The anointing on this session and the results were phenomenal. As many as 35 people, out of an assembly of no more than 150, were powerfully baptized in the Holy Spirit with the clear evidence of speaking in tongues. It was awesome!

On Wednesday night and Sunday morning the team went in three different directions, covering three different churches with supernatural results in each. A lady who was deaf in one ear, blind in one eye and had a drooping eye lid was totally healed as she released unforgiveness toward a family member. In addition to those who were born again, arthritic joints were healed, tumors disappeared and ten years of stomach and intestinal pain was completely gone. Intimacy with God Ushers in Angelic Manifestations and Healing! Several of the churches in Manizales took a mighty step forward as they willingly embraced Gary’s foundational message of intimacy with God as an essential element of the normal Christian life. Repeatedly as the people pressed into intimacy, the sweet presence and power of God would begin to rise and be made manifest among the people. Sovereign healings were everywhere and many experienced angelic manifestations; wind, fire and healing touches. In these meetings the power and presence of God was so strong the people would linger in His presence for several hours after the ministry team had gone. The youth also caught the wave and were pressing in for greater intimacy with God.

On Saturday night, Rafa Silveira led a powerful youth meeting at one of the churches. At the conclusion of the meeting during ministry time, the youth began to worship and again, God poured Himself out on them. The time in His presence went on and on as the young people lingered and worshipped and wept, while receiving ministry from God and His holy angels. The Grande Finale Results in Jesus being Glorified through Salvation and Healing!

The grand finale for this trip was an outdoor evangelistic outreach in the heart of the city. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Jesus was lifted up in the presence of hundreds and hundreds of people through worship and the preaching of the gospel with signs, wonders and miracles following.

As Gary preached, more and more people gathered around the perimeter of the amphitheatre to hear the message of the gospel. Many windows from an adjoining high-rise apartment building began to open as people were drawn to the presence and power of God and the message of Jesus. Approximately 150 people responded to the invitation to be born again and then the miracles started in earnest.

As a demonstration of the training success, the ministry team was primarily those from Manizales who had been trained throughout the week. As they ministered, the miracles of healing, deliverance and restoration were too numerous to keep up with. One man prayed to receive Jesus and was sovereignly healed from a diabetes related severe loss of sight. He was going from person to person with tears streaming down his face proclaiming what God had done for him. One of our team members prayed for four different people who were blind or had severe sight loss and they were all healed within moments. Two were young girls, ages 9 and 12, who had been born totally blind in the right eye and the other two were young women who were severely nearsighted; all were totally healed. One of the primary pastoral leaders recognized the fruit from this meeting as being even more powerful than first time we were there.

As the meeting concluded, a gentle rain began to fall; confirming in the natural, what we had just experienced in the realm of the spirit. Below is a further sample of the many, many miracles, signs and wonders that occurred during our time in Manizales:

  • A man who had limped in on a cane, and with pain for the last 6 years from bones rubbing together in his hip, dramatically threw down his cane and began to walk and then run! What I didn’t know until a few days later was he was walking past the church and an inner voice told him to come in. A church leader led him to the Lord, and it was then that he got healed! I prayed over him for a healing anointing because often times when there is a dramatic healing, the Lord uses that person for healing. Two days later at a church meeting he attended, he prayed for someone to see without their glasses, and they were healed!! Pretty fast transference of anointing, I’d say.

  • While traveling to Colombia and during morning prayer, Carol received a word of knowledge. She got the name Marta, saw the color blue, and she knew the woman had pain in her feet. Carol thought it was for the meeting that night. Turns out Bill & Carol met Marta as they are trying to solve a flight and luggage dilemma. Marta’s office was blue and when Carol asked her if her feet hurt, a look of shock came over her face. Carol ended up on the floor laying hands on her feet under the desk, tears were flowing as Marta was healed and prayed to receive Jesus!

  • A word of knowledge was given that someone had a problem with their little finger. A young man responded with a dislocated little finger and was healed.

  • A 6 year old girl who had been born with a condition that caused swelling in her right knee and much pain in her legs and feet all the time. She couldn’t even straighten and put it on the floor, and couldn’t walk without pain. After a couple of minutes of prayer, she was running and smiling from ear to ear.

  • This was a first for me! During morning prayer, I was praying blessings over each member of our team. As I prayed, an angel of the Lord walked briskly up to me. As the angel approached, his left hand was on his stomach; with his right hand, he reached out and took the blessing I was praying at that time. Immediately, the angel turned and hurried away to deliver the blessing to the particular people for whom I was praying. I was thrilled to see that form of transfer of blessing in the realm of the spirit.

  • A young woman wearing very thick glasses, like the bottom of a Coke bottle, could not read her Bible without her glasses. After prayer she removed her glasses and tested herself by reading the Bible. When the team member suggested they pray more for continued healing, the young woman refused, saying, “No, I am healed.”

  • During one of the inner healing sessions, Carol prayed over everyone at the end and led them in prayer for healing of deep wounds of the heart. A man testified that he had been in this same building 50 years ago when it was a daycare center run by nuns. They had severely mistreated him and traumatized him. They would put him in a little room by himself for whole days. They would have him stick his hand through a hole and scratch his hand, telling him it was the devil. Needless to say, he had a lot of issues of guilt, shame, anger, unforgiveness and fear. He had said he would never go into this building again. But that day, for the first time in 50 years, he was there and he got set free. He came to every session after that, and his beaming smile said it all!

  • A 6 year-old named Sophie wore extremely thick glasses. After prayer, she said she saw better without the glasses. Now, she CAN’T wear the glasses. WOW, and you know kids don’t fake those things.


This report is literally only the tip of the iceberg for the many, many miracles, signs and wonders that took place during this trip. We are living in a day when God is moving powerfully by His Spirit to advance His Kingdom throughout the earth! If your interest has been peaked and you would like to experience the presence and power of God as described above, please consider joining us on a future ministry trip. If you have not been involved in international ministry like this in the past, you can be assured, you will never be the same! Blessings to you all, Gary & Kathi Oates and the entire ministry team

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