In reality, our recent mission trip to Brazil was so incredible as to be somewhat indescribable. We can and will tell you the highlights of this amazing trip, but we want you to know that without being there it is not possible to fully grasp the wonder, the power and the glory of God that was experienced during our three-city two-week outreach in Brazil. The Presence of God ministered both to the people in the Brazilian churches as well as the people who came on the trip. God made it very clear to us that our receiving from Him was just as important as our sharing Him with others. Many on this wonderful ministry team of 46 people were deeply healed and touched in profound, unexpected, life-changing ways.

PIRACICABA --- Hungry for More of God! Here, the people and the leadership were hungry and open for more of God, and He showed up in a big way to answer them. Many angelic manifestations, including angels holding bowls of living water for people to come and drink, the flat ceiling moving in waves as God was breathing on the assembly and fire falling on the congregation. The last night, a demonic power that had invaded the church, bent on destruction, was broken and great freedom was released over the congregation. The change in the spiritual atmosphere was tangible. People were set free to worship and praise, and the joy on the faces of the people was so beautiful. Following the teaching was a commissioning of people in the congregation to start doing the stuff. It was wonderful to see them take up the call and start laying hands on people, to carry on what we had started.

CAMPINAS --- Dramatic Healing Miracles, Including an Empty Wheelchair! In Campinas, we experienced some of the most powerful and dramatic miracles of healing during the entire trip. There were many, many miracles of healing and deliverance. A totally deaf boy received his hearing, a 74-year old woman who hadn't walked since childhood could walk again after renouncing spiritism and witchcraft. A spastic child was healed and got up out of her wheelchair, legs were grown out (one grew three inches); old injuries and surgeries were healed. God is faithful to His word. One woman, about 70 years of age, got out of her wheelchair and walked for the first time in 18 years. She left her wheelchair at the church, saying she didn't need it any longer. As the team left the church that night, they had to pass by that empty wheelchair. Afterwards, many remarked on the effect that seeing the empty wheelchair had on them. That same night, 14 people who were deaf or had serious hearing loss were healed as the team prayed for them. The last night the team divided to go to two churches. About 1,000 people showed up at one of the churches and it was a Holy Spirit blow out. There were hundreds of healings and deliverances that night. It was a tremendous and powerful move of God as the people responded to the invitation to throw away their occult and addiction items and come for freedom in Christ.

LONDRINA --- Heart of Worship! In Londrina, we worshipped under an open heaven as we were led by Mike Shea and Davi Silva from “House of David” worship ministry. Here, we experienced worship on a level most of us had not known before. Hours of heavenly worship seemed like moments of time as we found ourselves in His manifest presence and glory. It was amazing to experience a drum solo carrying us into the Presence of God! There was not as much individual, one-on-one ministry here, but more of the team individually experiencing the presence of God in the midst of the congregation. So much angelic activity and manifestation!

During one meeting, the Majesty came into the room and it was as though He was mounting a reviewing stand to watch the battalions of angels that had been commissioned for Brazil pass before Him on their way to their assignments. There was so much freedom in the Spirit in this place; worship felt like we had joined with all the company of heaven to worship the Lamb, the King of Glory.

During one of the meetings in Londrina, a heavenly portal opened up among the people. The power of God was so strong that people began falling to the floor under the weight of His presence. It was an amazing manifestation of God. The concentration of power started out in one small area and gradually increased until almost the entire room was engulfed in the glory and presence of God. Healing laughter broke out all over the room. Many people were refreshed, healed and delivered as the joy of the Lord overwhelmed them.

The last day, Sunday, was spent at a park/camp area with the House of David group. It was a time of worshipping together, sharing together, then the House of David people came and ministered to us, praying for us and laying hands on us, and then we had a picnic---Brazilian style Sunday night, the team divided to visit two different churches. At one of the churches, during worship, a feather and a crystal chunk of gold fell in front of one of the team members. The wind of heaven was blowing and swirling around us we worshipped in His presence. We only had a short time to minister, but backs, migraines, and a hernia were healed. At the other church, God sovereignly healed many; including a lady with poor eyesight, several chronic knee problems and arthritis. The manifest presence of God was so strong, the people stayed in the meeting long after the team left! As one indicator of the success we enjoyed in Brazil, we are listing below the final statistics for what God did:

  • LAME: 9
  • TUMOR: 15
  • BAPTISM in the HOLY SPIRIT: 42

Testimonies shared by the team at the end of our trip were probably best summarized by a young man who said, “Now I have seen the power and glory of God. Now I know He is real. I feel like all my life, up to this point, I've been lied to, but this, this is real.

We experienced God's presence and His glory. We saw God's power deliver those bound by demonic spirits, we saw His mercy set the captives free, we saw Him heal the blind, the deaf and the lame, we saw Him bind up the brokenhearted, and we saw salvation come to those who were dead in the darkness. We saw it happen under our own hands, and we will never be the same.

Below, is a heavenly sampler of the miracles, signs and wonders we experienced while ministering in Brazil:

  • I was praying with someone and as soon as I got done the Holy Spirit told me that there was someone coming forward in a wheelchair that He wanted me to pray for. I turned around and immediately saw a lady being brought forward in a wheelchair. I immediately began walking towards her and began asking the Holy Spirit to give me a miracle to see that lady walk out of her wheelchair. The translator told me that she had been confined to her wheelchair for the past 18 years after having had 11 major strokes. I began praying the Lord's Prayer over and over again.... I continued this prayer for sometime and then she lifted her paralyzed arm and then she began raising herself from the wheelchair and I began weeping with joy and thanking my Sweet Jesus for the miracle. She walked around the Church and left her wheelchair behind. Glory to God! He is Amazing and Awesome! Thank you Jesus!
  •  During the meeting, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that a spirit of witchcraft was channeling through someone in the meeting. I was taken above the meeting and was shown a young lady over to the far right. Later, I looked for her and found her exactly where I was shown. I also received a word of knowledge that her grandmother had released a spirit of witchcraft over her. At ministry time I saw her on the prayer line and went over to her. I told her that she had been shown to me by the Holy Spirit. She began to cry. I asked her what was bothering her. She had a migraine and suffered from them continuously. I asked her to agree with me to break any false claims over her life. We agreed and prayed. Her migraine left her immediately. I sensed a strong anointing of prophecy over her and released her prophetic mantle to her. It was very strong. She felt much joy.
  • Our ten year old team member was asked to pray for an older lady who had pain in her legs. He prayed for her legs and he felt like God was telling him that he needed to ask her to do something that she could not do. The lady stood up and began to lift her legs and she began walking. We had her go to the stage to testify and on the way we were helping her, but she left us as we were walking through the crowds. She began to walk faster and faster without any help. When she got on the stage she said that she had arthritis throughout her body and she stated that her pain was completely gone.
  • Tonight I prayed for a lady who had one leg 3 inches shorter than the other. She had significant pain in her back as a result of the leg being 3 inches shorter than the other. After praying with her, her back pain left. Another team member prayed for her leg and it grew 3 inches. WOW!
  • A young lady of 25 had been involved in an accident sometime back and one of her legs was about 1 inch shorter than the other. When she saw God lengthen the older lady’s leg by 3 inches, she said she knew God could heal her leg also. He did- We prayed and God lengthened her leg. - Several of the team members experienced flecks of gold appearing on their hands and arms as they worshipped and prayed for people. Others saw gold appearing on the hands and faces of those for whom they were praying.
  • A medical doctor was suffering from severe back pain. His condition was so severe that he could not sit down to counsel and examine his patients. During ministry time, God sovereignly healed this doctor. He testified before the entire church and bent over several times putting his palms flat on the floor to demonstrate his healing.
  • The Lord performed an overhaul miracle in the life of a young girl, who had never walked before. Due to some form of brain damage, the girl had disturbing eyes and paralyzed hands and legs. The mother was asked a series of questions. The covenants and yokes and curses were broken off the life of the mother first then we started praying for the young girl. After about 45 minutes of prayer, she was able to coordinate herself. God touched her neck and she was able to hold her head straight. We pulled her out of the wheelchair and told her to walk in Jesus name. She walked for the first time in 13 years. Tears of joy and shouts of joy know no bounds, as she walked for the first time in 13 years. Praise God!
  • During ministry time at one of Kathi’s meetings, an angel walked up to a team member and fed him manna from heaven.
  • We prayed for a man who had skin disease on his arms and elbow area. We saw it reduce in size. That evening he came looking for me in the service for prayer. New skin was forming over all the sores on his arm and back. He felt fire all over and a washing sensation going through him. The translator saw this and was so excited that he also wanted prayer. He had never seen this before. He wanted prayer for Cancer and HIV. He repented of his old life and the growth on his throat disappeared after we prayed. Praise the Lord!
  • Several team members prayed for various people with deafness and blindness and their hearing and sight were restored.
  • One team member prayed for a tumor of the hip. The tumor disappeared and the pain stopped.

This is only a sample of the many, many miracles, signs and wonders that took place during our trip. God is supernaturally on the move in the earth today! If your interest has been peaked and you would like to experience the presence and glory of God as described above, please consider joining us on a future ministry trip. If you have not been involved in international ministry like this in the past, you can be assured, you will never be the same! Blessings to you all, Gary & Kathi Oates and the entire ministry team

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