Miracles Abound in Manizales, Colombia Mar 18, 2006

Our team of eleven people had no idea what we were going to experience over the next seven days in Colombia.

After a late arrival in Bogotá on Monday night we were up early in the morning and on our way to the TV station to tape a show. While on our way, we were told that we were going to the largest church in Colombia, Centro Misionero Bethesda, pastored by Enrique Gomez,…a church of 200,000 people! Get this…they are building an outdoor stadium type facility that will hold ONE MILLION people! Right now they are having church 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in their old building in order to accommodate all of the people! The church owns the TV station which broadcasts all over the world!

Actually we ended up taping two shows. Gary and Kathi did the first one and then two members of our team, Dave Duggan and Larry Booth, did the second. There was a powerful anointing on both shows! The presence of God invaded the room! While leaving the studio we were ushered into the main auditorium as Pastor Gomez was preaching. He called us up on the platform, told the attendees why we were there, asked us to say a few words, and then he prayed individually for each of the team members. As he laid hands on us…with a powerful impartation…we went flying backward onto the floor. After we “came to” we staggered out the door!

From the church we rushed to the hotel to get our luggage and head straight for the airport for our flight to Manizales. After a quick clean up, we were off to our first meeting that night. Several came to the meetings because they saw the TV show that morning.

The Powers of Darkness Suffered a Fatal Blow in this Pagan City! Manizales is a beautiful city located over a mile high in the mountains. Of the 500,000 residents, only 4,000 were born again believers. That’s less than 1%! There are only 24 non-catholic churches of different denominations in the whole city!...and 20 of them participated in the meetings. That was a first! Most of what we brought to the table was new to them. They knew virtually nothing about the supernatural power of God or about healing.

By the third night the pastor told the crowd, “God’s supernatural has now come to Manizales”. They began to embrace the message with open arms…and open hearts. A time of serious intercession by the team on the second day broke the back of the enemy. Heaven truly began to open over the city. You could literally see faith and expectation, and excitement rising daily.

The most strategic meetings of the week were held each morning for pastors and leaders. Julian Andres Pino, president of the pastors’ fellowship, said this was the first time the pastors actually participated in an event as a group. In these sessions, we covered the topics of intimacy with God, healing the brokenhearted, a call to repentance, releasing forgiveness and reconciliation between pastors, etc. The team prophesied and prayed for impartation over each pastor and their wives. The pastors achieved a high level of unity birthed by the Holy Spirit. We firmly believe this unity was the catalyst to spark revival in this pagan city.

We rotated churches each night doing power evangelism meetings and sent team members to minister in four churches Wednesday night and five churches on Sunday morning. Outdoor Evangelistic Crusades On Saturday and Sunday afternoon we moved to an outdoor amphitheater located in a park near the city center. The area was quickly filled to over-flowing as the worship band began to play. Gary delivered a brief but powerful evangelistic sermon each day. The response was overwhelming as 100’s gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Scores were touch by the miracle healing presence of God. The crowd was very attentive indicating great hunger for the things of God.

Both outdoor meetings were taped for TV to be shown on the local secular station. On a scale of 1 to 10, the church in Manizales went from a 1 to at least an 8 in just six days. The pastors begged us to come back and train them in healing and the supernatural…which we will do! It was hard to get accurate statistics for the week. The following stats are very conservative. We have no idea about the total number of healings at the outdoor meetings because we didn’t get a show of hands. Many people lined up to testify of major healings and miracles.

Trip Statistics (Please note that these stats do not come close to including all that God did among the people in Manizales.)

  • Responding for salvation: 377 plus many others
  • Physical healings: 273 plus many others (does not include the mass healings at the outdoor meetings on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Blind/vision impairment: 30
  • Deaf/hearing loss: 11
  • Lame who walked: 7
  • Tumors disappeared: 16
  • Inner healing/deliverance: 78 (does not include the mass healings of the brokenhearted in one of the morning sessions)


Healing highlights from the team:

• As a result of a serious accident 2 years ago, an elderly man could hardly walk, had slurred speech and partial paralysis of the right side of his body. As he was prayed for, the presence of God came upon him. He dropped his cane and began to raise the arm that had been hanging lifelessly at his side. He started to bend his paralyzed leg and shouted “Hallelujah” in a guttural, slurred speech. Each time he said it; his speech became clearer and clearer! God did a miracle and healed the man!

• A young boy was born without nasal passages and had to breathe through his mouth. God did a creative miracle! For the first time he could breathe through his nose. He came to the platform and testified giving glory to God!

• A young boy about 10 years old stuttered all of his life…until the power of God came upon him. He was totally healed and testified speaking clearly before the vast crowd.

• A man in his 20’s who was almost blind broke down in tears, as his eyes were 100% healed. After he testified to the crowd, we immediately had him pray for others with vision problems. The first three people he prayed for were healed and no longer needed their glasses!

• A 14-year-old girl with very poor eyesight took her contacts out after receiving prayer. She was only partially healed, maybe 50%. After going home that night she threw away her contacts…even though she was not completely healed. After receiving prayer the next night, her eyesight improved to about 70%. We had her began to pray for others with poor vision even though she still was not healed. Both women she prayed for were instantly healed and no longer needed their glasses. We are confident the girl, with such great faith, will be totally healed!

•A 23-year-old girl experienced great pain and “heavy legs” making it very difficult to walk since she was 8 years old. In fact, the pain was so sever she was crying while waiting to be prayed for. All of the pain and heaviness in her legs left as the power of God came upon her. Shouts of joy were heard as she emotionally hugged her husband then went to the platform and testified that God healed her.

• An older lady who was totally deaf in one ear and wore a hearing aid in the other ear was instantly healed. She could hear perfectly in both ears!

• The cameraman’s elbow was healed while he was filming the meeting!

• Our bus driver, his girlfriend, his sister, and cousin were all saved.

• One girl’s bones in her left ear were broken when she was only 3 or 4 months old. After prayer, she could hear a whisper in that ear as God healed her.

• After responding for salvation, a young lady’s eyesight was totally healed. She could read a sign on the wall perfectly for the first time.

• One man testified that he saw an angel come and touch his eyes. He no longer needs to wear glasses!

• Many people with arthritis, asthma, scoliosis, knee injuries, etc. were healed. Several people responded for salvation AFTER they were healed!


This report only skims the surface of all that God did in Manizales. It gives new meaning to John 21:25 (NAS) “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written”.

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