Meetings in Jelenia Góra Poland Oct 12 - Oct 14, 2018

Conference October 12-14, 2018
I invite you to Jelenia Góra for Conference. It has been our
dream for Gary Oatsto serve in Lower Silesia. We believe that you can receive
specific equipping to personally encounter God at a new level and in a new
dimension by seeing spiritual reality. It is your time to be close to the Father
and His Kingdom.
I invite you to this on behalf of the Heaven Perspective team,
Magdalena Broda
There is time to expect a change in our country. There is time to desire it
with all your heart. There is time to immerse yourself deeply in His presence
and to draw from His dreams.
Iza and Marek Ciesiółka
Gary Oates was a pastor for 30 years. He founded and ran five churches.
However, his life and service changed a few years ago when he
experienced the unusual presence of the Lord, when he and his wife
volunteered for the service team at the meetings with Randy Clark in Brazil.
There he began to see angels serving people in spiritual reality. From then
on, he has been travelling all over the world, and his ministry is full of
extraordinary supernatural signs. In his ministry, Gary pays special attention
to an intimate relationship with Jesus and experiencing the presence of
God. He prays for the provision of the gift of viewing spiritual reality and
serves with the gift of healing of the soul and body. Gary is the author of the
bestseller "Open my eyes".
October 12-14
Start: 18.00 Friday
Ending: 14.00 Sunday

Pałac Wojanów, Wojanów 9 (near Jelenia Góra, 58-508)

Conference fee
60 PLN till August 31
PLN 70 from September 1
PLN 85 on the day of the conference
15 PLN - on Saturday - only with prior order at registration
Do you want to help us with this event? Write to
Perspektywa Nieba /Heaven Perspective/
Kościół Zwycięstwa w Jeleniej Górze /Church of Victory in Jelenia Góra/
Wiatrołap /Wind-catcher/
Ja jestem /I am/
Kościół Droga w Warszawie /The Way Church in Warsaw/

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